Peter Doocy grills White House on Chinese COVID lockdown silence #shorts

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asks why the White House has commented on China’s peaceful protests, but not their COVID-related lockdowns.

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  1. They are locked down for more than covid. They are NOT brilliant AND paranoid. Look across the west multiple respiratory infections all at once not just covid rsv and flu there are similar infections there are no tests for! People super sick and not testing pos for any of the assumed 3

  2. Why didn’t the US Government condemn Australia’s draconian lockdowns last year? The Australian Government didn’t allow protests either.

  3. Don’t comply w this criminal administration do not

  4. China Australia Canada and European countries needs guns like AMERICANS BECAUSE ALL ARE RUN BY DICTATORS AND DR. FAUCI SAID HE ADMIRED WHAT CHINA IS DOING.

  5. Biden administration COVID mandatory policy is same as Chinese ZERO COVID policy.

  6. If only "Covid" was real. When people find out what really happened to them, they are literally going to lose their minds.

  7. we made it "clear" we use another method. we go to Americans homes with weapons a blazing and take them out in early morning raids, like criminals, even their under wear. and it's just people that don't agree with their agenda. like raiding a presidents home and not even have the decency to ask for his permission, as it should be in America. this was a man loved by the American people who elected him to serve, not a criminal. is this what America is and the protesters in China look pretty much like the ones here in the USA, who got away with it, burn cities, businesses, some people got killed, and they called it a "SUMMER OF LOVE" killings in Chicago weekly and their mayor say it's the greatest run city in the he world+ like every body in the world envies them.



  10. I’m confused did our government not lock people down for 2 years, or am I just imagining that? 🤨

  11. Think that we should start Peter Doocy a fan page. Because he has more guts than any reporter up there. He is the best.

  12. You're lying and $9,000 things to drill duh you're not going to buy the oil from us if they did that and spend all that money that's one of the reasons give me a break you guys are a bunch of liars open up the pipeline if you say you want to do you don't have to drill it's already there

  13. Whats with this administration saying weve made it clear with every answer almost. If everything was as clear there wont be any question. Just that phrase is annoying since transparency is non existent anywhere
    Also looks like same writer for this guy and karine jean pierre. Its like shes speaking with a different voice but exact same pauses and intonation.

  14. We weren't allowed to protest, we'd all be arrested for violating covid protocols, unless it's BLM throwing cans of soup

  15. I wonder if a new mutation has broken out ? And the CCP is covering it up ?

  16. Spoke right around that question. Pro Scumbag

  17. everyone can protest except republican maga or right to life suppoerters.

  18. So last time around people protesting lockdowns in the US were called right wing radicals but the same people that were demonizing other Americans for protesting lockdowns are the ones now supporting protests in China what a goofy world

  19. He said China has protested which is making it up and supporting by US government, because US is trying so hard to damage China

  20. It's so nice to know about what is
    Whitehouse have to say,thanks to
    Peter for ask that amazing question.

  21. lol since when do they not support lockdowns i spent 2 years as a 2nd class citizen and society tried ejecting me from it and i dont live in china

  22. Talk about contradictories

  23. We just need to butt out at this point. The ain't nothing we can do to stop dictators and every time we partake of China's goods we are guilty of supporting their human rights abuses! The Biden admin. doesn't care about the human rights abuses in China!

  24. He still isn't condemning the CCP for what they are doing to their people!!

  25. Thank so much acclaimbanking for the 5,000usd flip into my boa balance few hours ago

  26. Thank so much acclaimbanking for the 5,000usd flip into my boa balance few hours ago

  27. The CCP is the most evil terrorist group on earth!

  28. They've already got him paid for and they have dirt on him.

  29. Just say what we already know,
    Joe's on the dole!
    and China pays him to shut his pie hole. 💩

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  31. Like the Chinese govt gives a 💩what we think🤣

  32. Biden is in CHINA’S POCKET.