Sunday , January 23 2022
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Peter Navarro stands by Trump's economy despite criticism

White House assistant for trade and manufacturing Peter Navarro on U.S. trade tensions with China, Federal Reserve policy and the state of the economy.

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  1. i liked maria but why she is shouting today

  2. He is the only guy supporting trump in the team.

  3. When Government Central Banks print money, they steal from the purchasing power of other people's money.
    It is a form of legalized stealing.

  4. The country needs a Constitutional Amendment outlawing homeowner property tax and the land that it's on. The municipalitys already collect business property tax, permits, and also get revenue from state and federal. Part of the Amendment would state: " If necessary, the municipalitys may levy a retail sales tax in their district of no more than 2 cents on the dollar".

  5. They don’t call it a trade war for no reason. Buckle up full steam ahead, hopefully we have some things to buff along the way.

  6. Inverted yield curve!!! Dow losses 800 points and Trump team isn't qualified to deal with China. Pathetic!

  7. Oh Pete. Aren’t you tired of cradling Trump’s balls yet?

  8. market down
    trump hiding up his 4th wife's kooch

  9. People should stand by Trump and Dr. Navarro on standing up to China's economic attacks on USA. Asians know very well that that The war on USA has been exercising for decades, the results are American losing jobs , losing domestic industries, business kneeing down to vicious CCP.

    American politicians/wall street sell off USA for their own greeds.
    And then Chinese Communist Party utilize all of the money to influence /rip off wstern media, business, university.
    CCP using Chineses as cheap slaves and the imaginary biggest market that western companies never have fair opportunity to do business in China.
    People better wake up and stand by Trump& Dr. Navarro.

  10. US has forced economy. Jobs created in US is not by local companies that found their ways on their own strength. They sprung because forced high tariffs that made foreign companies move to US. They are not going to stay in US for ever. Forced economy never last long. Unless US play fair, new jobs created will be gone again. America has to have products they can compete in international market that can compete in quality and value. This is why US manufactures have been closing like the automobiles. US is not doing the economy the right way. US is making world hate us. Later this will effect US economy. US will be left out in cold. We are running like thugs instead of like business men like most everyone else.

  11. Normally to balance out the trade deficit Nation should export more items to that nation or import less. But instead of exporting more or importing less, US decided to charge more in taxes to balance out the trade. This is not right. This is robbery. This is robbery in front of everyone's face. US need to learn to make better products and make products cheaper and export like everyone else instead of taking more than others. This is robbery. I don't like China but they are being attacked for exporting more by working harder. That is not right. We can't let our children look at this as reasonable ways of doing business with others. But they are simply just taking more from everyone else saying this is not fair. What's not fair is that US is not making hard efforts like other nations to make good products. US are not exporting enough enough good products for other nations to enjoy US products. It they can't compete with other nations products, then they need to take the loss just like everyone else. If US want to enjoy products from other nations hard work, just have to pay like everyone else. But instead of talking loss fairly, they are taking more by force force through tariffs. That is theft something robbers do. They are running around with military disrupting other nations economy like thugs. World need to get point across to US's unfair ways of economic and diplomatic relations to the world. US is now a disgrace to all the people who made sacrifice to bring democracy freedom to the world. As world stays with US side right now, then they are making all the sacrifices made for the world worthless. Someone must make all the previous generations sacrifices worth its sacrifice. US must be stopped from this unfair deal with the world. US must compete like everyone else and pay same price as everyone else.

  12. My economics teacher peter Navarro!✌️

  13. Speach therapy asap lady…
    You're sounding more like Sylvester the cat daily

  14. Watch, “THE FAMILY” – brand new on NetFlix.  You’ll be shocked to your socks to see the unveiling of an international, Washington D.C. based fascist Jesus cult.

  15. lol These people are sociopaths….the economy is on the verge of a depression around the world. These guys should be warning the people so they can help themselves from getting wrecked. Buy Bitcoin Gold & Silver

  16. 🙄 I've been sending money to my girls in the Philippines for years. The dollar has been stronger against the Philippine peso and remains so during Trump's presidency than at ANY time during Obama's fiasco.

  17. Sorry, China doesn't pay for the tariffs, it's the American consumer who pays for the tariffs. This is a hidden regressive tax on the middle class, and paying off farmers for their losses is SOCIALISM. Trump found this idiot Navarro on ebay. He knows nothing about economics.

  18. US consumers gonna pay those tariffs due higher prices

  19. Trump plans on boosting corporate profits at the expense of pension, savers and retirement plans. Low interest rates rob the public so large companies can make high returns not warranted by economic activity. Is this Capitalism?

  20. A great man on the Trump team Mr. Navarro.

  21. Not Maria's best work. She's getting as bad as HANNITY by interrupting with her obvious points.
    We know you know.
    Ut-shay up-way

  22. of course he sticks with trump. this is fox news, the station that bends over forward for donald. yall bend overs dont even come close to bringing the truth to the american people. either report unbiased news or just stop reporting. joke channel, joke president. another stick in the dam keeping the swamp full.

  23. American media personalities, either the host or the guest but mainly the hosts, have so much ego and can't resist self promotion. My new book, my 25yrs in the special forces, I predicted Dow at 25k too! And the guys and the girls are all far too well dressed. If they're all so showy, are they all for show?

  24. subsidise american farmers , is that what they call socialisme ?????

  25. "I just look at the numbers" – Maria "Me too" . Yeah, you're both looking at the numbers, but one sees what they mean in a unified strategy, the other only sees the numbers.

  26. CHINA AND CHINA AND CHINA we have enough on our plate Maria, we have a fantastic PRESIDENT WORKING FOR ONCE…Whatever HAPPENS….it will not be because of your voice…There is so much more going on in the Country THIS FINANCIAL CONCERN be in the backseat for right now hun…like til OCTOBER WE ARE BOOKED!!!!

  27. If the economy is so good why do farmers need bail out?

  28. if you import something from China and tariffs are applied at the US border, you the US consumer are responsible for paying that tariff, not the Chinese manufacturer. I don't know what's more terrifying: that the Trump admin attempts these obvious lies, or that the Trump supporters believe them. It's like we're living in a Twilight Zone where 40% of the adult population has lost all powers of critical thought.

  29. Maria has turned into a Trump naysayer. Doomcaster. Might as well be working with the enemy. Probably is. I don't believe she is honestly too stupid to understand why lowering everyone elses rates MORE than the US rates puts us a huge competitive disadvantage. The FED (globalist swine) did this on purpose to undermine Trump's success.


  31. Chinas going to have to pay a lot more for iron ore now….and it will benefit no-one.

  32. This story getting old ,lay off trump are loose your audience

  33. Current GDP growth advance estimate 2.1% GDP – GDP growth advance estimate 2nd Qrt 2015 under Obama 2.3%

    This leads me to the following two questions:
    Is the Trump economy really that great? 
    Is it going to be Trump’s plan to add more to the national debt by borrowing another  $1+ Trillion dollars, give it to the rich as a “business growth stimulus” to prop up the much touted great economy?

  34. Bernie Sanders and Medicare for All in 2020. Get rid of deductibles and co-payments, that will be the biggest boost to the economy that you can think off. It will certainly boost your personal bottom line.

  35. Wall Street Journal is anti Trump.

  36. Gee, maybe the US could make all those things that China was making for us? That's a thought.

  37. Shut up Marriia, what a whining scardey cat, China has to be taken on whether we take a hit or not, have some guts. They never talk about the main relevant issue and that is when are they going to bring back the high paying professional jobs, particular the engineering jobs. This so- called booming economy is based on low paying factory and warehouse jobs, only one cut above the Obama era. The real American economy has not come back since the. Socialists were in. Lastly, the Fed needs to be removed after congress has been cleaned out, abolish the tax current tax system for something real and incorruptible. Abolish the irs.

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