Saturday , November 28 2020
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Peter Navarro: USMCA is more important than a deal with China

Office for Trade and Manufacturing Policy’s Peter Navarro discusses the China trade negotiations, the UAW General Motors strike, U.S. tariffs in European goods, and USMCA. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Can they hire a new news reporter? This woman is annoying

  2. A deal with Haiti is more important than China, so says Peter Navaroo, one of TRUMP neocons pushing sinophobia.

  3. My string guts tell me that Peelosi won’t pass USMCA. She is afraid that will give trump more achievements. But is it legal or for how long can congress keep it unpassed?? Can trump do something about it? Why trump doesn’t need congress votes to deal with the US-China trade??

  4. I think a lot of politicians are jealous of our President Trump, because he is business savvy and a lot politicians have never done anything but sitting in a seat trying accumulate their own wealth on the backs of the people. And now it is being exposed and the secrets are being revealed and the politicians that are not working in the interest of our country are fighting our President. KAG2020🚂🚂🚂Trump🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Chinese banks are insolvent so now they want US banks in. This is going to end well.

  6. Peter Navarro claim a win for US in the trade war ?? He talk like low mentality idiot .. Because US not winning anything yet and the Chinese just playing a long patient game so let wait and see …

  7. The USMCA is very important…North America could be self-sufficient!

  8. Unions might be a bulwark in Trump's plans for bringing jobs back from other countries.We don't want slave labor,but definitely they should consider why alot of the factories left the U.S. to begin with..Sure Trump has thought abought this already..

  9. We should be making deals with India not China

  10. I pulled out of auto stocks because of the strikes

  11. t looks like Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard feels the same as President Trump about Hillary and responded to Hillary Clinton:"knows she can't control me”. @UyWI

  12. The chamber of commerce and the corporate round table should be selling U.S. goods around the world, promoting our goods and services, while capturing world trade items that can be sold world wide. Promoting higher wages in the U. S. and third world countries.

  13. We need to clean House in 2020, and vote the Dems out.

  14. He actually said that, China gets the message that they should play fair, with the rest of the world. The horror/irony, US administration's top official, making such a statement!!

  15. Do nothing Dems? The house has past over 250 bills and now waiting for the Republican controlled senate to act. Anyone want to explain that one?

  16. 6% is still 3X Faster than the US. China's economy is in cruise control now.

  17. Try HARDER. America's war with HUAWEI has failed Germany is accepting Huawei's 5G LMAOOO. US can't do anything to Huawei, how can it deal damage to China???

  18. You should report on Project Pelican as it greatly affects our National Security. Trump has taken control over the Port of Long Beach away from the Communist Chinese. But our National Security is still very much at threat by the Chinese.

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