Sunday , October 24 2021
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Peter Navarro: Yield curve is inverting due to bullish circumstances

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro discusses the inverted yield curve, the USMCA trade agreement and the U.S.-China trade war.

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  1. shut up Lou you have to let guest speak

  2. Who pays this Chosen One disciple?

  3. peter is on fire. no one can interview him cause he never answer questions . how about Opening a press conference where you can repeat whatever you want instead of come to a interview.

  4. Of course, in his book, Navarro argued that an inverted yield curve was a good predictor of recessions, that even a flat curve was a predictor, and mocked business leaders for ignoring the flat yield curve that preceded the last recession. I wonder what changed?

  5. Black is white, up is down, and Peter is now spelled Retep.

  6. More fake up and down with the stock market. See they can make it "Look" either way.!!!

  7. I been saying for a year now we will never be in a recession. Ever since prez trump cut regulations, made us a energy power house, cut corporate tax. Also our GDP will always hover around 3% from now on. Not at 1% when obummer was in office.

  8. 2 years and usually another event, usually causes the recession, the yield curve just allows it… Now if they spring their "other event" you know who to blame…

  9. Anyone who believes he knows what the Stock Market is doing is deluding himself. The Stock Market is a perfect example of the "Wisdom of Crowds." The aggregate intelligence of all the players in the Stock Market is orders of magnitude greater than any pundit and any group of pundits. Historically, market fluctuations are in the noise.

  10. 1:25 – "Let me give you 60-second bullish forcast…." "Can you make it 30 seconds?"
    THIS is why Joe Rogan is the king of long-form interviews!!! G.D. Fox! Go below the surface!! I might was well listen to Morning Edition on NPR.

  11. Fed needs to be careful on yield curve analysis…it just starts discussions on fiat currencies…

  12. I sure hope peter is not related to anal anna Navarro because she`s like a talking dog. a lot of bark with no message.

  13. Navarro and Powell want the general public keep their money invested in market! While Bezos and mark zuckerberg selling their shares like crazy ! Ppl buy Gold amd Silver !!!!!!!!!

  14. Yield curve is inverted😱.
    If right yield curve it looks like "n" and when inverted it looks like "u".

  15. Navarro lies :
    1. We don't have a yield curve invertion
    2. We have yield curve invertion due to bullish sign

  16. The 10 year bond yield is where investors go when they expect a downturn. One, its a safe haven out of equities which fall hard in a downturn. Two. they can lock it the current yield anticipating yields will fall as the Fed cuts rate. Three, when the Fed does cut rates, the price of the bond goes up . In short, you avoid getting caught in the stock market crash/correction, you are earning a interest rate above the Fed rate, three, your asset price has gone up.

    For Navarro to suggest the inverted yield is a bullish sign is peak stupidity. Investors rushing into the 10 year treasury bond is a sign the collective market thinks a recession is coming. Why would you buy the 10 year bond when the yield is more on the 2 year bond? Your supposed to be compensated for the extra risk of lending your money out longer.

    Dont think the economy cant have a recession because 'Trump is a businessman'. In fact, a recession is probably will happen. Dont listen to Trump and his staffers, as they have a vested interest in portraying the economy as amazing.

  17. Yeah, America is… "the best game in town." So what if the rest of the global economy is burning down around us? Blame it all on the China Trade War (which amounts to about 5% of the U.S. GDP). If anything goes wrong, China did it!!!

  18. Always Bad Show With Lou…Only He Talks…Waste Of Time For His Guess

  19. I keep readin "due to bullsh* circumstances"

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