Saturday , January 22 2022
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Peter Schiff on recession warning: It's going to be worse than 2008

Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff slams the Federal Reserve and says the U.S. is heading toward a recession.

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  1. And he always tells the truth. This is economic's not politics

  2. It's so complicated, I can't understand what's going on. Can any one tell me in simple way about the recession.

  3. Whatever, you don't scare me with your bs.

  4. The powers that be will do anything to get rid of trump

  5. Well i guess i should quit my job ,sell my house and move under a bridge before its too late.

  6. Dang, all you Schiiff-haters really gotta start listening to his podcasts. They’re really informative and he elaborates more as to why he believes the things he does!

  7. He's right. If we get to Christmas before the storm hits I'll be surprised.

  8. They need to get rid of the federal reserve. The markets will collapse if Trump is not elected. We will go into chaos with a liberal radical like Bernie Sanders. Trump will win Schiff is correct about the recession, not the election. We are long overdue for this correction is not a recession but a mini depression. It a big correction at a systemic level. Let pray for 🙏the President Trump victory. He will guide us out of the systemic mess. He did not create this economic problem. You can thank the Clintons, Obama, Bushes, for these deficits Nafta which drained the wealth out of America. Stop with the politics we don't need a liberal socialist. But a man who understands business.

  9. But, but, but the market is recovering. So your shitf has made millions off you stupid democrat liberal socialist again.
    Ok I did too. 💰 Thanks for the new sailboat. Please feel free to donate to my portfolio again.

  10. I can say working in the auto industry that the recession is definitely here right now.

  11. Recession? Recession? Try depression. The fed is a fing joke. The fed needs removed. And gold standard replaced. Stop them from printing more monopoly money.

  12. where do you go if the US Dollar is trashed ?


  14. 2008 wasn't bad at all.  Huge market rebound.  The Fed stepped in and let those they wanted to survive, survive.  The rest didn't and now they've spent us in to oblivion!  The longer the drug addict is on the "juice" the longer and harder it will be to break the habit.

  15. All in favor of Congress doing their job and passing a law that the US mint issues all coins in silver and gold instead of this cheap crap zinc coinage

  16. can I just sleep for about 5 years, wake up and cash out my bitcoin🤦🏾‍♂️ ok ok sheesh maybe 7 years

  17. Shiff and his liberal dad are always wrong and just want to disrupt the American dream.

  18. If this Schiff is any relations to Adam Schiff he speaks fake news . And is trying to spread fear threwout the country . Just cause Trump is President

  19. All the Trump supporters calling Peter an idiot. Take all of your money and buy shares in the Dow or Nasdaq. Put your money where your mouth is and back your great president.
    I have been doing the exact opposite since the day he got elected and been buying gold. Because I know he is a conman and as dumb as a post. You are following a moron.

  20. The US is going into the greatest recession / depression ever, buy my gold and make me rich…. (since 2007)

  21. Americans do not listen to Peter Schitt he is a deceptive tool used by the wealthy elite do the opposite lock in your investments if you were worried about losing the money you shoulda buried it in a mason jar.

  22. Just let Schiff talk and stop trying to finish his points. We get it, you know things

  23. It wasn’t a mistake, it was quite deliberate.


  25. why did I land on FOX BUSINESS???? useless and irrelevant transgenders….

  26. The comments saying that Peter was ever wrong are out if this world lmao xD i bet you guys thought in 2008 that everything is cool

  27. I think Trump can successfully pressure the Fed to lower interest rates enough so he can get reelected in 2020. Once reelected he'll crash the economy, do a debt jubilee and introduce a new gold back currency.

  28. Schiff always cries recession because he wants more gold investment

  29. The recession is planned by the fed.. and the powers that control it.. because they thought trump could be manipulated and controlled and he cant be.. so they want him replaced… The issue is… No one is going to have enough votes for a dem to get in office.. trump WILL win a 2nd term and then Trump will remove the fed from power… for causing this recession and be replaced again with dollars printed by the gov with no debt behind them. Just like the change they coin.. has no debt behind it they used to do it with currency.. till the fed stepped in and took that role.

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