Petito Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Moab Police

The family of Gabby Petito announced a wrongful death lawsuit against the police department of Moab, Utah for failure to investigate the domestic violence case between her and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. The family is seeking $50 million in damages. 
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  1. Gotta say I agree. They really screwed up

  2. Yea, entire country mourned for their daughter’s loss, now they want to milk it for $ and win a lottery from tax payer’s money. Shameless 🤦🏻‍♂️

    People just want to blame someone else all the time and claim liability! I hope this case gets dismissed.

  3. Honestly, at this stage, the Judge should reverse the case and award the Utah police the 50M from the Petito Family's arrogance that they should even consider such a rediculous charge.

    I watched every bit of bodycam footage that was released to the public and saw nothing negligent in the way the police handled the situation. In fact, I was rather proud of the way they conducted themselves with compasion and professionalism trying to make the best of the situation so that both Gabby and Brian could settle this thing and be on their way. There was no indication that Brian had the ability to take her life or that he had the inclination. There was nothing more they could have done. Brian was not the guilty party at the time of the traffic stop in Utah. Gabby was the offender. Had they put her in jail overnight, I'm sure the family would have filed suit for a different reason. It's a shame that she lost her life and that Brian's guilt and remorse caused him to take his own life. But the way this all played out, the families have made it worse than it was. Now they want to drag it out even more. What? They don't want their spotlight to fade? They liked the media attention, so they found a way to make it last a little longer? 50M won't bring their daughter back and it won't cause the next murderer to change his ways. So what's the purpose of the law suit?

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  5. These parents want to blame everyone else for the things that even they themselves failed to recognize!

  6. Can not blame the police, she should have taken her own safety in her hands.

  7. They're just after money now

  8. The police re to blame? Maybe the parents should be investigated for not recognizing domestic abuse; they were the ones that spent a lot of time with them. This is disgusting that they blame the police.

  9. BLOOD MONEY. The girl was over 18 years of age BS is BS.



  11. $50 million because she lied to cops? Honestly why didn't her family intervene earlier and stop her from going out alone with this dude? There was definitely warning signs before their trip began.

  12. can the police department sue Petito's parents for not being able to identify that the bf has a mental issue?

  13. Shame on them for seeking profits for law enforcement who did their job. I pray they lose.

  14. The parents are turning into scam artists. Taxpayers pay for this; the cost of defending the city in court, and if God forbid they win or it’s settled, the skyrocketing insurance premiums the city will be subject to in the future on top of what they pay the scummy parents. What a way to tarnish your daughter’s name. While you’re at it, why don’t you sue the van’s tire manufacturer too…couldn’t have gone on the trip without those tires

  15. I forgot the details, but in that video clip when Moab police talked to them wasn’t it established that Pettito had the meltdown and scratched and attacked the boyfriend during an argument? And HE didn’t want to press charges so the police let them go?

  16. Проблемка еще возникла, с ложкой дегтя, присоединялась к массовому показу нового короля льва, или что-то в этом роде

  17. У нее, много, мноооого, представляете, оказывается ваш сенат меня казнить хотел за это, ну, кого-то

  18. Gabby got her ah choked out 🤣😹🤣😹🤣😹😹

  19. Ну не я, просто случайно получилось, не подключили почему-то к матрице

  20. Про зоофилию, как я ебу коз ваще огонь