Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Enters FDA Approval Process | NBC Nightly News

Former FDA officials give an inside look at how the process will work, and how quickly we could have a vaccine.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Enters FDA Approval Process | NBC Nightly News


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  2. You guys had it good, some countries are getting Chinese vaccine. 😞

  3. Dr frederick Altice is one of the infectious diseases specialist at yale school of medicine is among the doctors who work on the covid 19 vaccine cure This vaccine is 95 % effective and this vaccine stops the transmission of the covid 19 virus too, this vaccine prevents 95% of covid 19 if half the dose is use, it works among all ages group and it has know side effects.

    The FDA has approve and will start distribution to covid 19 victim's by 2021, Dr frederick Altice use the covid 19 vaccine on my mum who has been a victim of covid 19 for three months and she is now totally free from the covid 19 virus the same vaccine that was use on the president Donald Trump.
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  4. By the summer if the new year, all of this will nothing more than a bad dream. One that we'll all pretend never happened.

  5. The first people to take this shot they say early getting sick for one day then they go to work then they spread the disease to everyone else and where's this vaccine made in China.

  6. We don't need vaccines.
    Today's figures show 12.5 million cases so far of covid-19. It also states that maybe there have been 258,000 deaths. (Probably fewer because on April 14th the CDC no longer required lab tests for covid-19 on dead people)
    If you do the math, that comes out to a 2% death rate. (Down from 2.3 last week) That means that 98% of people who get covid, SURVIVE! It is probably more because we will never really know how many people actually got infected. 98% or better chance of survival! And that is if you get the virus! I will take those odds any day of the week!

  7. Just a thought: Without challenge studies, how do we know these new vaccines are really ~90% effective? With social distancing and masks very common these days, how do we know the groups which had the real vaccines in clinical trials really resisted infection instead of simply avoiding it? What if the control groups simply weren't so fortunate in avoiding infection?

  8. Name given by human, make fear by human media and lockdown, control all people by corporate's governments for long term goals against humanity!
    Do you believe mask & doctor, government control system may safe you? So many viruses in the Air! One of the virus you put name then do you think that is new one? There are not realize yourself you never understand behind the virus politics all over the world! If you take medicine or not you must be die in one day! Any human knowledge technology medical never know when you're going to be die and they can't save you & themselves! Corona just a name no need to fear if you are realize yourself!

  9. Just repeat what liberal wh0rebots say my body my choice 😂

    I aint taking that bull$&% 🚫💉

  10. Our struggle as funeral officers for victims of covid19, work day and night. Please visit :

  11. So vaccine will be out for everyone within Trump administration era lol.

  12. Thanks to pres Donald trump

  13. It will be over soon people! Let's wear masks and stay positive!!!
    Prediction on Covid19😡
    Prediction on US election🤩

  14. Bi-yon-tech 🤦‍♂️

    So it was developed by Beyoncé’s cousin yes?

  15. God is the "great physician" covid-19 is no match for the all Consuming 🔥 of God! Why is an aborted baby needed to create some of these vaccines? #where does the mRNA come from?

  16. Can somebody in this field elaborate on some things for me?
    1) How is it that in 30 years an mRNA vaccine has failed to yield positive results, but two companies have managed 95% efficacy in six months? That does seem like rushed results to me.
    2) CDC recommends anyone vaccinated for covid-19 in the coming months still wear a mask and social distance. Why? That doesn't sound like a step towards normalcy.
    3) Do people who have contracted covid-19 already still need to get vaccinated?
    Just trying to educate myself and being not only in new vaccine but a new type of vaccine there seems to be little information about these things online.

  17. Covid is real, that's for sure but it is being blown way out of proportion and Americans are taking it hook, line and sinker. People are all sheep and you will be led to the slaughter at some point in your future.

  18. They want to instill so much fear about this fake branded virus so that
    they can inject you with the so called Bill Gates vaccine (it's not a
    vaccine at all) that is actually nanotech and nanobot hydrogel developed
    in part by DARPA. It's insane how advanced this stuff is. It's a
    bioelectric interface part of the mRNA vaccine system. They will have
    full control over you. You will be essentially be a borg. It will be
    used to monitor every aspect of your life. Right now they want to
    mentally torture you as much as possible so when they have it ready they
    will sell at like you can have your life back you just have to take the
    "vaccine". If you don't get it you will not be able to go to work or go
    to the store or anything. The masks are merely a test run to see how
    the public will react to their control systems. Look up Implantable
    Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System or Luciferase Quantun Dot Vaxx.
    Beyond frightening! I think there is a good video on Bitchute. Patent WO
    2020/060606 A1.

  19. i help i live so i can talk to my kids about 2020

  20. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has scheduled a meeting of its Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) on Dec. 10 to discuss the request for emergency use authorization (EUA) of a COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer, Inc. in partnership with BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH. A discussion about the safety and effectiveness of Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine
    with this committee, made up of outside scientific and public health experts from around the country, will help ensure clear public understanding of the scientific data and information that the FDA will evaluate in order to make a decision about whether to authorize a vaccine for emergency use for the prevention of COVID-19. The week of Nov. 23, the FDA intends to issue a Federal Register notice with details of the meeting, which will include information about a public docket for comments. At that time, public comments can be submitted. These comments will be reviewed by the FDA. The FDA intends to livestream the VRBPAC meeting on the agency’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels; the meeting will also be webcast from the FDA website.

  21. I would like to receive credit for my work I am the one that submitted the cure and I want my money and credit. Thank you

  22. A moment of silence for all the fallen this year, and all the brave doctors and nurses and medical workers on the front lines. Thank you for your service.

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