Monday , January 25 2021
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Pfizer Says Vaccine Ready To Ship After Approval While New Covid Restrictions Made Across U.S.

NBC News NOW breaks down the latest Covid-19 news including Pfizer’s announcement that it is ready to start shipping its vaccine within hours of FDA approval. This announcement is being made as new coronavirus restrictions are being put in place across the U.S.
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Pfizer Says Vaccine Ready To Ship After Approval While New Covid Restrictions Made Across U.S.


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  1. "if you have made it this far without losing a loved one to COVID you may be having a false sense of invincibility"

    Many of us do not even know a person who has died. I know over thousand people and probably more I never counted them all.
    Yet still…. I only know of 3 people who actually know a person that has died of this. And they were people in their 70's with other issues. These are scare tactics folks..They want you to be afraid.. To be compliant. So they can do what they are in the process of doing…..which is to collapse the economy and crash the currency
    I was told the hospitals are filling up. So i went there. Nothing going on…in fact it was always busier there before people began to get scared of going to the emergency room!

  2. If it TRULY was about health then mandate healthy living. Eat good, get exercise, get a full nights rest, etc but y’all think injecting chemicals into our bodies is safer? LMAO… for those of you who are going to take the vaccine just to return to normalcy, just know you won’t see that. Don’t take the mark of the beast.

  3. Congratulations to President Mr. Joe Biden & Vice President Mrs. Kamala Harris. Bid you Godspeed in life.

    Bill Gate the grate.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci the great. He is a man of principle. He loves people. “Experience is better than qualification”doctors are the professionalism in medical science.

    To the great interest of the country’s people government suppose to allow & give permission to get health care facilities to all people on coronavirus pandemic spread time.
    Government means of the people for the people & by the people. May God bless & protect all human beings.

    Journalist Mrs Lesley Stahl the great.she is an extraordinary Journalist.

    Speaker Mrs Nancy Pelosi the great. She is an extraordinary speaker.

    John McCain the Great. President Biden & Dr. Anthony Fauci is an extraordinary talented & brilliant personals. They love people. God said if you want me then first love people. Shakespeare said “Beauty is truth truth beauty” we must wear musk for our own protection. Save yourself & save others. Give respect get respect. Bid you God speed in life. We are all one creator people. May God bless & protect s all human beings & shows the righteous path. In t exitcrisis on coronavirus pandemic spread time testing is essential & very very important. God bless & protect all human beings.

    Maniac people does not exist forever.without any fact & evidence should not blame complete government system. Upstart & stubborn people are not smart.stubborn.I think seriously politically mistake is ( Don’t test. If you take a test then we get more cases) God said if you want me then first love people.

    Whoever got affected from coronavirus & recovered themselves without vaccine they are not 100% immune(Independent Impartial Opinion)

    At present time keep distance is not enough & sufficient. When we are in crowd we must wear a mask for our own protection. Save yourself & save others

    Maniac people does not exist forever.

    Law is the law no one is above the law even President. Right is right & wrong is wrong doesn’t matter whoever.

  4. Here in Brooklyn ones of people are heading to Juniors and dining out, it’s like business as usual and I am beginning to wonder if there really is a pandemic. The vagrants in this ad tea are thriving and each day it seems that the is another new homeless or mentally disturbed person added to the line.. But the way, why are the homeless not being effected by Covid 19?

  5. COVID19 Vaccine Updates & Chip, Listen before it's to late! Clinton Apologizes to Blacks * MUST SEE

    For those that have no time to include your voice for righteous change, your empty voice upon change will not be recognized. 🙏😎

  6. Please Help A Desperate Disabled Child In Need
    Please Donate and Share to HELP A Desperate Child Diagnosed With Mental Retardation/ Severe Non Verbal Autism our Family has been Affected by COVID 19 anything helps Thanks so Much God Bless!

  7. Jaykee the Wolf: hey, luis. did you know that according to forbes some $41 billion in unpaid hospital bills is reported annually?? @t
    Luis: yep. a good way to reduce this unpaid bill would be to report more covid cases, Jake. Check this out: @t

    Jaykee the Wolf: ?? you mean the govt. is paying the bill for anyone being treated at hospitals for covid??
    Luis: it appears so. you want to know why covid cases might be spiking up?? because hospitals are cashing in on unpaid bills thanks to this pandemic.

  8. I know this is gonna sound crazy but my gut is telling me I dont trust this vaccine, Im not against vaccines at all I always take them for my help I also get my flu shot everyday. But there is something specificity bout this vaccine I dont trust, I mean I wanted a vaccine and Im glad we found one and I mean Ill still take it cause I dont want covid but there is something bout the vaccine I dont trust

  9. Liquor stores – Remains Open
    Tobacco stores – Remains Open

    Gyms – Shut Down

    “Stay safe, stay healthy”

    Is the key message by the media.

    Oops my poor sense of humour out again.

    Wish you all real good health.

  10. few week ago I felt some pains and I went to the hospital my doc told me I had Herpes about 1 yr and I need to start the treatment early, he gave me some medicine to be taking and I told him no I’ll not, because I hated taking medicine when I won’t not see cure for the purpose. After I got home I started getting worried searching for strong advice and I found valid natural treatment online lot people says they got herpes cure from Dr.Ayo and I email dr. Ayo 3 days passed, I purchase his cure online some weeks after the process taking his treatment i got cured. I went for checkup twice after taking the natural treatment from the herbalist called Dr in Ayo and i tested negative. contact him on email: drayo0229@gmail.comor massage him on WhatsApp +2349051727347 God bless you

  11. The funny part is that no one really wants the vaccine. I guess if you are high risk it makes since to get it. But for most people they aren't worried about getting covid. They're more worried about being asymptomatic and spreading it to others.

  12. It is cold in PA…who will be eating outside anyway? Order out if you like.

  13. Seriously? The loss of a championship compared to the loss of lives? How insane thinking can people be?? I would give anything to have my husband back!! He died Nov. 9th, 2020!

  14. The flu gets its peak in MARCH, not winter. Something to consider.


  16. Bhagwan! Hume jald se jald bachaiye!!! Hum sab is ghatiya saal 2020 mein bahut dard seh chuke hain… 2020 to hamare liye nark tha!!! 2013 ke baad sabse ghatiya saal hai… Hamare zindagi barbaad kar diya, hamare jeevan mein aag laga diya aur hum sabhi ke hansta hua chehra ko mitti mein mila diya… Aur baaki kya bacha hai jo lootne aaye hain? Kasoor toh hamara hai, ki humne socha tha ki yeh saal achha hoga, par yeh bhi socha nahi tha ki itna ghatiya hoga!! Sirf yeh covid nahin, bahut sare misfortunes hi misfortunes ek ke baad ek the… Hum logon ko yeh shaitan saal bahut rulaya… Mere dono haiwan relatives, Devalina Parichha aur Suman Kumari ne bhi yeh saal barbaad kiye the… Un shaitaan air ghatiya ladkiyon ki wajah se yeh saal bigad gaya aur hamare jeevan mein aag laga diya.. Bhagwaan, jo log bhi yeh saal ko barbaad kiye hain, un sabhi ko bhayankar saza dena aur un logon ki aatma ko sambhal lena!!! Humein pata hai ki un shaitanon ke paas karma aayegi aur zaroor aayegi… Woh log patthar dil khudgarz insaan hain, woh vyapaari hain aur apni keemat khud lagate hain… Yeh keemat unhe jo bhi dede, isme woh sab pura bik jayenge!!! Bhagwaan!!! Hume himmat dijiye!!! Hume shakti dijiye aur jald se jald is vaccine nikaal kar hume bachaiye!!! Aur 2020 jaisa ghatiya saal humari zindagi mein kabhi mat dijiye!!!

  17. In Jehovah God's new world in the hands of Christ Jesus all sicknesses, infirmities, diseases, and even death will be eliminated permanently! The earth will be a paradise again like Adam and Eve enjoyed. How will this happen? Try the free online Bible course at JW. ORG it's quick and easy format will give you answers and hope in these challenging times. Try it today!

  18. Pfizer stated the vaccine was 90% effective when trial participants were exposed to SARS CoV-2, the virus said to cause COVID-19 symptoms. Not so fast. Pfizer’s study protocol states cases count even if a trial participant has a positive test and only one symptom — like a cough, chills or diarrhea — that could easily be caused by one of 1,400 human pathogens, including 200 viruses known to infect humans. Except for Hepatitis A, B, C and HIV, the study protocol is silent on testing for other infectious causes of the participant’s symptoms.

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