Tuesday , December 1 2020
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PG&E customers may lose power as San Jose revolts with buyout proposal

As PG&E warns of new power outages in California, San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo joins FOX Business to discuss how the state is handling the situation.

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  1. This is a dry run for Agenda 21

  2. The fires were started by explosions.fact!
    Logic before authority ppl.

  3. Maybe a fresh run of bubonic plague and the other thought eradicated diseases brought in by third worlders will take care of the problem. The locals certainly voted to bring them in.

  4. As a San Jose resident I welcome this, the City of Santa Clara has their own power company and it has worked well for years.

  5. So let me see. The government that has regulated the state into the ground, now wants to completely take over and run it? REAL PLUTOCRATS OF GENIUS.

  6. Turning it into a coop won’t fix the current issue. Either the lines cause fire or they turn the power off. If they are allowed to clear brush around transformers there should be no fires.

  7. The Mayor of San Jose should be in JAIL!!! He allowed trump supporters to be beaten by protesters without ANY support!!! Throw him in JAIL!!!!!

  8. Fire control as a reason is a joke and an sad excuse. Rothschild owned and used as the Cabals scape goat to clear a path for high speed rail in NorCal connecting to Vegas. Cabals use of the Gods Eye Satellite is the real reason. Luckily, the good guys have control of the satellite now. The more you know. 💫

  9. California doesn't even clean up its city streets, so how is it going to clean up its forests?

  10. SocialismLosing money? You fined them billions of dollars!!!

  11. Well Boy I'm certainly glad I don't drive an electric vehicle..

  12. All utilities companies should be complete non-profit. No bonus payments to board members. Any profit and bonus type payments leads to money going to things that it should not be going to. Make it cost even and prices should go down.

  13. Socialist states are pathetic everyone should go off the grid buy a gun and wait it out a real bizz owner will pick it up eventually if not move to a republican state it’s much better

  14. Burn California Burn needs to be on a t shirt 💕

  15. They made profits for years make the company pay to fix the grid if no money take it from the ceos who profited all these years trump 20/20

  16. Oh they won’t have to pay dividends to stock holders that would be the people of San Jose wake up people these people are crooks

  17. That’s like the gov healthcare scam forcing people to buy a product plus bail it out it has to stay private there still pushing socialism what a joke people should vote the dems out of office support trump 20/20 and California residents will benefit from small goverment and the freedom they deserve under the constitution that ca dems want to take away trump 2020 or civil war

  18. Who the Hell wants to Buy a Bankrupt Utility Company faced with Billions in Liability Claims.
    California Taxpayers and the Public will end up paying the Bill of course run by Democrats.
    According to the Mayor an A-Team is working on it.
    ( Possible A -Team Members Nicholas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson, Lindsey Lohan, Dennis Rodman ?)

  19. Hahahahaha!!! Hahahaha!!! its beautiful!!! Hahahaha!!

  20. So get this the people buy the company then pay more for the product and the goverment gets the profits what a scam these people are screwed

  21. Maybe if California hadn't made laws preventing PG&E from maintaining their power system properly and then sued them for a situation state lawmakers caused…

  22. "Don't turn off the Power!"
    PG&E: Will you promise not to sue us if a Fire happens during this fire weather advisory?

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