Wednesday , December 2 2020
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PG&E facing sanctions after California blackouts

Radio talk show host Larry Elder discusses the PG&E blackout controversy and who is to blame in this situation.

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  1. PG&E has easements, but they don't own the land under a lot of their transmission lines. and even if the land owners want PG&E to clear all of the vegetation near the power lines, they must first check for endangered animals. If a Kit Fox den is found, and there baby Kit Foxes in the den, it CANNOT be disturbed until the baby foxes are weaned and on their own. In my California town one Kit Fox den with babies held up the construction of a new freeway on ramp for months.

  2. Citizens of California. You are a TARGET!

  3. The power company can't win no matter what!

  4. You make it hard to maintain safe conditions this is what happens. You can’t blame the power company when the root cause is brush and tree maintenance permits.

  5. L M F A O @ Commiefornia – PG&E gets sued for for "wild fires" this year turns off the power to avoid "wild fires" and now gets sued anyway by the corrupt Commiefornia.

  6. They should have just left it on and let California burn

  7. And I hate what the California people are going through. Stay strong

  8. Us Florida panhandle residents who were ravaged by hurricane Michael. Are having to pay for what the call storm recovery cost. They are charging me an extra 30 dollars a month for the next five years. Something that should be investigated. If they have 200,000 customers that's hundreds of millions . No way fair for customers. 1 year is acceptable but 5 is ridiculous. I live where u have 1 choice of electric provider, they say it's a co-OP and we all pay. It's not co OP when its monopolized…think…

  9. Thank God I don't live in Cali. Poor people of CA that have to put up with that stupidity.

  10. Environmentalist won't let them clear brush from power lines then make the power company liable for the fires. God that place is stupid. Tell them to fire up their solar panels 😂

  11. Any one stupid enough to live in California deserves to not have power!

  12. The power outages are nothing more than revenge for the law suits. They need to start maintaining and updating the power lines!

  13. Yea! Contact the Pelosi, Newsome , Brown and Getty families for answers! Or arrests! Lol!

  14. Whos responsible for the guy that died from power going out losing his oxygen supply

  15. Sanctions from North Korea?, Iran?, Turkey?….

  16. Well the power was shut off for a underground military operation. Over 2000 children where saved and deep state has one less place to traffic children and hide.
    Many have no idea of what is happening. Soon all will wake to reality. Tic Toc Tic Toc the awakening is coming. WWG1WGA

  17. when you have a dozen lightbulbs on a wire that can only handle 6, what do you expect?

  18. Californians should get used to living without power. CA is the most progressive state wanting to get rid of fossil fuel and nuclear energy.

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