Tuesday , November 24 2020
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PG&E power outage threatens future of small businesses

FOX News’ William La Jeunesse discusses the impacts the California power outages are having on businesses and homeowners.

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  1. "INVESTOR-OWNED" utility = Capitalism, not "socialism."

    "INVESTOR-OWNED" utility shuts off essential service to protect "shareholder value" = Capitalism, not "socialism."

    Public Power's time has come. Always cheaper, and equally- or more-reliable than for profit "service."

  2. Won't eat at restaurants for a month.

  3. Governor of CA may sound foolish now after the fire broke out in SoCal near Los Angeles and a couple people died.

  4. Electricity known to the state of cancer to cause California

  5. Let me see. No water, bad sewage, needles and crap on the streets, wildfires, no power, ecoli and flesh eating disease in the water everywhere, 15th century diseases, and the highest amount of STDs apparently in the world? This is got to be hell on earth.

  6. If I'm correct these same power companies make it impossible for auto backup power sources on connected lines even if they disconnect from the utility

  7. PG & E is targeting Republican districts first Maybe PG & E need to Bury all of there lines

  8. Jeez Californians, you have fires, power outages, poo, needles, massive homeless, ancient plagues. TRY electing Republicans and see if things get better. They can't do worse. What next under the socialist democrats, locusts and frogs????

  9. California is now a third world country. This is what socialism looks like! Wake up America!

  10. California the land of poop and darkness; mushrooms anyone?

  11. They had all year every year before fall to fix the infrastructure rather they chose power outage. Suckers

  12. What they need is more people so when they start eating each other there will be plenty to go around

  13. California not only has wildfires, it also has earthquakes that can bring down the local power grid. Some small businesses have their own propane tanks and generators. Look at how well the Waffle House restaurants cope with the natural disasters that cause power outages. The businesses that do not have a contingency plan and equipment in place to cope with power outages have in effect planned to shut down during power outages. That is their choice. In a system of free enterprise, those businesses that cannot adapt to change will not prosper. If P G & E customers are dissatisfied with the service they get from their power company, they are free to take their business elsewhere. Such as moving out of state or installing a stand alone photovoltaic system for their home or business. That is freedom of choice in a capitalistic system. Which is very different from expecting nationalization of energy companies that would then be run by the government. Which would be a form of socialism instead of free enterprise.

  14. This tactic will cause most of socialist California tax base away. Business movíng to Nevada and other states. California allowed the utility owners to be sued for last years fires that lightning caused. Utility now in bankruptcy. So, they refuse to take the chance of fake lawsuits. No electricity when it's windy. That's what socialist totalitarianism does in socialist California.

  15. They should replace everybody food

  16. Welcome to the third world lefties

  17. CA can't respond in the comments… power is out.

  18. Guess what, South California got another HUGE forest fire now and it is common problems happening in California EVERY YEAR now in the last 5-6 years. This one is NOT related to power line or PG&E so the Socialist Left can't blame other for their TOTAL FAILURE of their forest management for the past decades.

  19. why didn't they just bury the new lines? around here it's the old neighborhoods with above ground, like 60's, all areas build since 80's/90's been underground. what am I missing, why in 2019 would they go pole?

  20. If California would change policies and clear brush around power lines like most sane states, they wouldn't have to worry about mother nature doing so indiscriminately as happened last year with a large loss of life.

  21. California voters have earned this reward with their constant support for leftist politicians.

  22. They want welfare for all, unsustainable open borders, sanctuary cities but cannot afford to repair their grid. Hmmm, it must be the Trump supporters fault.

  23. PG&E has to drop customers due to CA regulations. Blame them

  24. Start taxing the movie industry 70%. That will pay for all of your woes, Clownifornia. Oh wait, they all make movies elsewhere now because of taxes. Bummer.

  25. AND NOW WILDFIRES HAVE BROKE OUT —- AND PEOPLE COMPLAIN WHAT A PATHETIC STATE —– you people should listen next time and shut the hell up

  26. EDIT: If anyone believes the narrative of the blackout by the media is not thinking critically.

    The Truth is here: this power outage is a DRILL… to prepare is for much worse things to possibly come…CHINA has LOST the 2nd largest port of entry ‘LONG BEACH facility’ and changed ownership to the AUSSIES due to failing trade negotiations and national security….this information was not provided by the MSM….. the similar scenario happened to the Japanese prior to Pearl Harbor attack. The government will not tell the public to avoid a panic scenario, but will prepare Californians with a wide spread black out to disrupt services similar to the aftermath of an attack on US Soil.

    We are dealing with an Communist internationalist Subversion and attack from the ruling class socialist communist elite. We want California BACK!!!

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