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Philadelphia shootout, recession fears grow, Hong Kong protests rage on | ABC News

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  1. Do laws stop dangerous drugs, prostitution, child molestation. No … So how will gun control laws stop dangerous criminals.


  3. I can turn myself on, I must be smart like the oven! ☺☺

  4. Why would you need an app for your toaster? UGH.

  5. I heard Kid was bus-tin! Because Weinstein and Sheen aren't going to jail for nothin!…….,
    Black Reparation$ BLUFFING! ,
    DEFLECTION$! You OWE U. $. $omeThing!

  6. Recession Is FAKE NEWS…This Is What The Left Hopes Will Happen Over Their Hate For Trump…LOSERS.

  7. Please get this man out office 🤦‍♂️

  8. More doom and gloom reporting by ABC. If I had a child that sat at the dinner table and told only sad stories of doom and gloom that child would be eating an hour later than the rest of the family.

  9. The police didn’t fire the girl’s eye at all, it was her stupid associates shot her and then imputed to the police, and it was those goons attacked police first.

  10. What did your law's do to keep the guns out of the hands of that's guy? Nothing. Laws dont stop criminals.

  11. The failed war on drugs, along with easy access to automatic weapons, has turned America into a shooting gallery.

  12. Did you see the bullet hit the sidewalk behind the officer laying behind the car?

  13. Did Hong Kong riots get 700 USD from CIA per day? Did US TC payers approve this usage?

  14. No one even realizes if you connect your appliances to the internet hackers can get into your system thru the weak security on those items. Anyone who owns an appliance that is connected online deserves it 🙂 You just do.

  15. That will get the guns out of drug dealers hand LOL Dumb ass he didn't go throw a Background check Dumb ass he bout it off the street Gun control will not help that no Gun Dealer sold them Guns too that guy

  16. ABC the propaganda news station for brainless people who believe this is real news !!

  17. Smokey is the best mascot change my mind.

  18. USA liberate Hong Kong which is such a wonderful place located in an excellent strategic location that is full of nice, hardworking, talented people. What a shame to have HK abused in the hands of brutal inhumane china criminal party!

  19. Im here chanting the anthem and vowing hk should be the 51st state in far east asia!

  20. i thought Trump supporters believe China has been paying the tariffs. so what impact on customer was Trump talking about?? ignorant supporters!!!

  21. 4:09 damnnnn someone give that girl a job in porn…. such a cutie

  22. So sad that I had to see this right around the corner from my house 😩

  23. The guy that surrendered looks white while the accused looks black. huh?

  24. Wow ! just happened to capture footage of Lake superior and falling stone at that very moment and your recording it as your kayaking wthell …just really coincidental and convenient….there are so many videos that are just …well down right questionable (time wise)

  25. Hong kong iz now atrue republic

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