Thursday , December 3 2020
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Pirro: Dem's are attempting to disenfranchise the American public

Judge Jeanine Pirro, author of ‘Liars, Leakers and Liberals’ and host of Justice with Judge Jeanine, sits down with Stuart Varney to discuss Senate impeachment hearings. #FoxBusiness


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  1. We need to take some lessons from Game Of Thrones, hanging chopping off of heads, ripping arms off, feed the hounds ECT…….." game of thrones their azz!

  2. More projection and deflection by conservatives who already admitted publicly they use every dirty trick they can think of to gerrymander districts, purge voter rolls and make it as difficult almost impossible, for people to vote them out. Conservatives are a minority in America, evangelists are a minority within that minority and Trump's presidency is a travesty and undemocratic from day one. The smears, lies, and fake news are conservative tools used every day to fool and manipulate a poorly educated and lawless base. Truth and justice will prevail however long that takes, and the corrupt players in this international political crisis will be held to account. Religious extremists and fascists control the GOP, they are no longer fit to govern.

  3. My initials mow i know newtab

  4. Looks Like There may not be a Presidential Election in 2020! If OUR President TRUMP is ACQUITTED… Per The Constitution The Impeachment will be REMOVED from the House Record and The First 3 yrs of the Presidents Term WILL be Extended… How's that DEMs?

  5. Their delusional obsession with a perfectly great President is sickening. No president is perfect…that is FOR SURE….but this is as close as it gets, folks…this is planet Earth and we all suck…there haven't been many public servants like this one, who have nothing to gain but satisfaction; and this one is breaking records.


  7. These democrats Nadler Schiff and Pelosi have made a fool out of Congress all over the world…it’s s bloody joke..these fools need to be removed..if the President can be removed for nothing why can’t these three be removed FOR crimes..

  8. How come so many crooks in the democratic/Liberal party. These people should have been hanged long -a long time ago the scums of the earth!

  9. Humpty Dumpty and Schiff For Brains – what a team…

  10. Why do I think of Hogsworth whenever I watch Nadler speak?

  11. Where is the imaginary friend the whistleblower?

  12. Nadler and Schiff must have a lot to worry about when the Durham indictments start. They are so scared and they must have lots of corruption to hide like most in congress. The gig is up deep state, you idiots are on the way out. GTFO

  13. Can't wait till nadler sitting in grandpa chair and out of my face….lol

  14. Democrats are brainless scum.

  15. Voters don't want ANY political party to propose one agenda and deliver another!! The trust issue will go away! Trump is favored because he's accomplished his agenda AS PROMISED, plus a whole lot more!!

  16. When the hell is Trump going to FIRE all the Obama holdovers in the DOJ and instal people that will start prosecuting every member of Congress and the Press who have engaged in this conspiracy, sedition and treason against the President of the United States of America and the American people?

  17. I'd like to know how much money they stand to lose or are losing. Because there has to be money involved for them in all this fighting against what President Trump is doing to put Americans first. They must have vested interests in something or someplace that is being threatened to be fighting so hard to get him out of office.

  18. You idiots must really think you’re convincing. You have convinced ME that you are traitors.

  19. The story the democrats are trying put out is fiction. Americans know the truth. Tell democrats to pound sand.

  20. Obama broke our laws over and over again and he didn't even get a slap on the wrist

  21. This is all bs Dems are saying about President.

    He is out there putting Americans first.

    Dems are not.

  22. “Joe China” is running purely on voters who are still disenfranchised, but this isn’t a pre-2016 environment anymore. Even if his mind was still partially in tact, he couldn’t just smile, wave, say a bunch of things that SOUND great, kiss a baby and win against President Trump.

  23. Adam schiff and NADLER need to be flogged

  24. BE AWARE :::: What these treasonous liberals are trying to do is reduce the Executive Branch down to a Parliamentary position !!

  25. Porky Waddler Nadler has had too many cheeseburgers up his wazoo.

  26. All those Democrat Managers looked like they were in serious need of an enema today.

  27. THERE IS NO CRIME. When the Presidents lawyers get up to speak that's all they need to say. We will not take 24 hours to tell you our side of the story. Have a good day.

  28. BUILD a guillotine and Set it upon the lawn of the congress and USE IT in a mock HEAD CHOPPING off of pelosi!
    Like they did in Puerto Rico they did this to let the corrupting minister know HIS HEAD WILL ROLL.

  29. Berry did abuse power by FORCING us with healthcare

  30. Live Judge Jeanene Truth is what she speaks .

  31. Stewart Varney and Judge Jeanine Pirro always have good points and they look to keep us informed of the b.s going on. TYVM !!

  32. If someone would pay me to take those idiots out, I'd do it. Our forefathers would've done it. It needs to be done as a lesson to future idiots. These clowns would've already been shot or hung by our founding fathers two years ago!! So……..?

  33. Schiff must be pooping in his Diaper ! Madam Pelosi will go down in history as the woman who destroyed the Democrat Party! And don’t forget Nadler ? He is such a little TOAD , he gets forgotten , but he is as guilty as the Two others ! And include Schumer in the COUP !

  34. Nadler your looking full in the faces, toilet paper quick.

  35. The American People are the Sovereign of the USA, and to attempt to disenfranchise us is treason. You wouldn't think there would still be tyrants who didn't believe in Democracy in this day and age and in this country of all countries, but apparently there are. It doesn't matter. The Lord will topple their anti-Democratic Babel just like He did the last and He'll put the corrupt in their place, beneath the feet of the American People whom He established! Treason against the American People is treason against God! Who the hell do these anti-American traitors think they are?! May the Lord rebuke them! Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God! They have made their treasonous ambitions evident through their corruption and it is the American People's right to replace them with officials who would serve us: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." Let's assert our God-given Sovereignty and vote these tyrants straight to electoral-hell this November! Lord knows they deserve far worse!

  36. All they are doing is driving Democrats (that are still sane) to become Republicans or independents .

  37. How can Schiff say President Trump puts himself first?!! President Trump doesn't even take his own salary he takes care of business all over the world for his country everyday and takes alot of B.S. on top of it!! Maybe Schiff and Nadler will try doing without their salary?!! Uh I don't think so!!

  38. They want to remove President Trump from the ballot. So unfair.😔😥
    Trump 2020

  39. Judge looks rough early in the morning, my kinda girl.

  40. Boy oh boy look who is talking about cheating….

  41. We need Pirro in President Trumps Administration.

  42. Way off topic, but I love that purple velvet jacket.

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