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Plane passengers see flames after bird strike l ABC News

A Canadian airline jet hit up to four geese at high speed on its takeoff roll, causing flames, but the plane landed safely.

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  1. Poor birds, we are the ones invading their territory, as usual.

  2. So I guess animals can’t fly without getting approval first

  3. this is why most flight are at night.

  4. You should make habitat for the gooses geesesACCESS food water everything they love and need so they won't go to your airport lot

  5. so now we have to keep "robobirds" out of the engines…….


  7. They probably thought the 747 they were in was a fighter jet instead which had a sonic boom.

  8. It can fly on one engine, the "right engine" is engine 2 and you're gonna be completely fine

  9. So you texted while on a plane.

  10. Subscribe to Avery and Zane if you do you get a shout out

  11. Ooooo I want a RoBird! 🦅🤖

  12. Don’t yell “fire” when you’re on an airplane! You can tell a flight attendant but I’m sure the pilots already know. Yelling is such a stupid thing to do because it will only cause panic.

  13. Fake news birds are not even real

  14. These people are the exact reason why I can’t stand flying…flipping out over a few birds

  15. Idiot. "I started yelling fire fire! Fire on the right engine!" Let's make everyone panic. Smart.

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