Thursday , January 20 2022
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Playing Hasbro’s New Monopoly Edition: Socialism | NBC News Now

Hasbro released a new version of the game “Monopoly” that parodies socialism. The game went viral on Twitter and quickly sold out on Amazon. NBC News’ Dasha Burns decided to play the game and reports on the new riff on the classic.
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Playing Hasbro’s New Monopoly Edition: Socialism | NBC News Now


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  1. Well Stereotypes are Stereotypes for a reason

  2. I hope Hasbro makes SO much money from this. Anyone who dares speak up against the Socialist, woke PC culture of the left should be commended for it.

  3. The problem with capitalism is that as long as it exists the rich and the powerful will always be in charge

  4. The "game" wins when the players runs out of money.

  5. Death is a preferred alternative to communism

  6. You have to wear black skinny jeans and a face mask when you play

  7. Two critiques:
    1: donations to the community fund should be compulsory and each “donation” whenever you land on income tax is 70%
    2: the jail should be called the gulag.

  8. That blonde chick is low-key triggered.

  9. does it mention anything bout the homeless or does it ignores it as usual

  10. Socialism and communism are the same. North Korea call themselves socialist paradise, but was founded by communists. I don't know why she makes it sound like there's difference.

  11. Can you use EBT to buy this game ? What about a planned parenthood space ? These two were definitely ready for a humus sandwich at the end of this. All white players have to stop at the community "race guilt" center, and all LGBTQ -M-O-U-S-E players are allowed to go backwards on the board if that's how they "feel" that day. Bought a copy off ebay, sold out everywhere, MAGA 2020 .

  12. The word monopoly makes much more sense in a socialist game than in a captalist. 😂

  13. Socialism can't exist without capitalism. Something has to generate the money.

  14. Love it monopoly trolling the liberal democrats with there most capitalist game creating a communist/socialist version #Maga Trump 2020

  15. There is no real socialism without a beloved leader.

  16. Excellent idea and product Hasbro. Please do a Fascist one next. Who can rationalize an argument against the new socialist one.

  17. Some truth…

    Global Capitalism today functions as to require continuous “growth” through the consumption of the finite natural environment. The vast majority of this wealth is then concentrated into the hands of very few individuals at the expense of the vast majority of people. The result is an unstoppable mechanism which is destroying civilization and the ecosystem for no justifiable benefit.

    In the context of the USA, it is disingenuous to vilify Socialism, when unrestrained Capitalism is currently an existential threat to that country and the planet. Most people would benefit from expanded socialist policies within the framework of a capitalism market, in the USA. The USA already has some socialist programs their population loves, but no one calls them “Socialist”. The wealthy capitalist interests (elite individuals and corporations) want to fool people to think it’s a black and white choice so reforms aren't implemented and they can continue hording this wealth at the expense of everything you know.

  18. They didn't pay money from the community fund to the bank to ride the bus. They took money from the bank and paid into the community fund. Follow the directions.

  19. Finally a game where everyone is a loser. How accurate.

  20. No one even knows the rules in the original monopoly how are we supposed to play this 😂

  21. This version of Monopoly was definitely devised by a Trumpublican. It has all the subtlety of a Sarah Palin.

  22. if it was accurate it would have one player that would play the part of the socialist government. And then they can decide at any point to take all of the capital from specific industries forcing players to compete over smaller and smaller amounts of money and resources. Then the game ends when everything is taken over by the government and everyone just watches the that player make all the moves and decide who gets money and who doesn't. What i saw here is not socialism but what capitalists already do when they want to freely donate their money to good causes.

  23. Socialism is the biggest fraud of the 20 century. It still attracts people with lack of logical thinking. Just consider the following :
    1) land for peasants
    2) eliminate private property
    would you buy it? They bought. When they realized that they were scammed It was already too late.

    They also realized that socialism is always totalitarianism since everything is controlled (own=control) by the state.

  24. NBC "News" is pure leftist propaganda.

  25. Does it come with a gun and matches too?

  26. I didn't know old Monopoly was indoctrinating me to half life of pursuing paper moneys!

    Yes to projects and sharing wealth!

  27. How the heck this guy not know what a monopodollar is?

  28. Can’t wait for the fascist edition ….. I hope it’s realistic enough to include starvation!

  29. The same HASBRO that just bought a Gangsta' record label, part of Dumps IMMORAL MAGAWHORE-ITY I'm sure.

  30. First Comment , View & Like ! I would like to play Monopoly with the lovely Dasha. Roll the 🎲 !

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