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Playoff Race #5 — Talladega | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

Full highlights from Sunday’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway.

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Playoff Race #5 — Talladega | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

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  1. What is your favorite photo finish of all-time?

  2. That was actually good racing

  3. quite the action packed event.  awesome

  4. Now, will the #12 car survive post-race tech Inspection? #12 looked very very low crossing the finish line.

  5. How long was Earnhardt's car on the track? I missed the race and cant find but a 2 minute video on YouTube….


  6. I feel for Elliot in this one (and really any of the Hendrick drivers in the Playoffs) getting caught in multiple incidents that were at no fault of his own. At the end of the first stage yesterday he got blocked by the Rookie Hemrick who forced his way in front of him and caused him to go from 2nd or 3rd all the way back to 18th. Then at the end of the 2nd stage he got caught up in the Logano mess. So both stages he got nothing because of someone elses mess. Then he fights his way back (still can't believe he did) and gets a good finish and it turns out a playoff driver right below him wins and puts him from 7 out to 20 something out. Tough day for him, but that's Talladega for you.

  7. Hey fox nbc gave us a actual view unlike you guys of a car flipping

  8. Kurt Busch sure did wreck a lot of cars in 2 separate wrecks glad he took himself out with 7 to go

  9. 22 smashed 88 lol took out every Chevy

  10. Nascar has made racing into a wreck fest. It's not the fastest car or best driver its who survives the wrecks!

  11. This reminds me of the old days

  12. No one gonna talk about Chris buescher almost went over

  13. And y'all couldn't even show the highlight that it was rained out until today, lol smh

  14. 6:47 ….. Just a note isn"t he below the yellow line, which is a D.Q. correct Nascar…. Finish last on lead lap correct Nascar….. Oh im sure you will say he was forced down there or something like that……Funny if NBC would show this after the race was over and questioned the move it would have been looked at a lot closer……..

  15. Newman getting beat at the line by his old #12 car 😄

  16. 6:47 to 6:59 Best Rick Allen call. That was amazing

  17. Joey Lagoon had time to slow down. I'm glad he got his.

  18. Best race of the season

  19. I smell a Teresa lawsuit

  20. You can always count on Ricky Stenwreck for a caution…no wonder he'll be looking for a ride

  21. That was some of the most Wild racing I've seen at Talladega since 2011. LoL

  22. So many crashes it was more like a demolition derby

  23. Rick Allen went nuts and I love it

  24. Can. Not. Wait. For. The. Radioactive.

  25. Looked like Blaney went under the yellow line.

  26. I was pulling for Ragan, but his luck sucks lately

  27. Sad state of Nascar… People saying this is the best race of the season tells all. Everyone wrecking makes it the best race… eyeyeye

  28. Mart Truex Jr No Playoffs 2020

  29. Blaney in spades baby!!!

  30. Would it hurt you to show play off standings/who advanced after this round etc.

  31. I am really enjoying Jimmie Johnson going on almost his 2nd consecutive season without a win

  32. Also Denny finished second by like a centimeter look at 7:05

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