Wednesday , July 28 2021
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PM Boris Johnson Loses Majority As Lawmaker Quits During His Statements | NBC News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has lost its working majority in Parliament after one of its lawmakers defected to the opposition during the prime minister’s speech.
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PM Boris Johnson Loses Majority As Lawmaker Quits During His Statements | NBC News


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  1. Any leader or person for that matter, that Trump considers a friend or a good person, has turned out to be a terrible human being. You decide!

  2. When the UK is unraveling, the US is far right. The world is a dark place.

  3. In my lifetime the 3 worst leaders of a country are
    Donald Trump, Stephen Harper and Boris Johnson.

  4. Blocking Brexit does not sound bad

  5. The world has become uncompromising, it's my way or the highway, absolute disrespect other people's opinions, the philosophy seems to be that, "if you don't agree with me then f**k you". Pretty sure that will work 😒

  6. Rowdy lot, makes Congress look like choir boys 😁

  7. That maneuver is so twisted that even the Senators in the Star Wars Republic/Empire are going "WHAT?!" And that includes those aliens that look like giant guppies. They're going "WHAT?!" too!

  8. More attendance than the US lawmakers!!!!!

  9. Am starting to doubt…'this thing called democracy' what a waste of time.China makes laws in just hours and they take effect and you take 4 years to Brexit…Do you now wonder why China is taking over the world?.You need 100 discussions to just make a single decision….Alot of talking..too much English…nothing moving.The world is bored by your debates

  10. Jeremy Corbyn will be our next PM. Fear not proud British people, we'll soon be rid of the Tories and have a Labour govt. Then we might actually have some good times for a change, not austerity and food banks.

  11. So forget the majority vote of the people and let your country be destroyed like it has been by the eu corporation, incredible how this world is falling apart haha

  12. British Parliament looks 9000% more entertaining than Congress. C-SPAN should play this instead.

  13. Freedom for Scotland, Wales and the reunification of Ireland! The next to get a kick from the Europeans will be the Yankees, and finally take care of the health of the Jews, once and for all!

  14. Britain’s politics is about how many knifes one can take in the back before falling over backwards! Bo Jo doing not so good, so far! 🇨🇦😀

  15. The brits voted for and got a total Johnson, aka wanker!

  16. No to Brexit! Anyone who supports Brexit is a Nazi and should be thrown jail.
    Brexit = Nazism and Fascism

  17. Sorry British trump, like America's potus. You are a con artist 😠

  18. Hang on– Johnson had a major role in the engineering of Brexit, and now a couple years later he is elected PM? Fecking Brits are as stupid as American voters.

  19. Ahaha fall for the trap. BREXIT baby! Get back to reality and let the EU shrivel up and die.

  20. Im waiting for Jeremy Clarkson to pop up and start hurting people's feelings.

  21. I like how they are rockin that money green leather sofa

  22. I predict he has the shortest term in history.

  23. they predicted boris johnson will lose and resign.

  24. Just Force an election that’s it. I hope the PM doesn’t get re-elected & his conservative base. Jeremy Corbyn was right all along about no-deal Brexit prediction.

  25. Who quit? Did NBC just lie in their title?

  26. If only Nancy Pelosi were as strong as Jeremy Corbin, perhaps The US wouldn'tbe in such dire straights🤔✌

  27. Take it to an election, and smash those leftwing filth! Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  28. The 🇬🇧 Trump taking a loss like the 🇺🇸 Trump will suffer in 2020. Utter humiliation.

  29. Can anyone say no confidence vote?

  30. Ahh, couldn't happen to a nicer a$$hole than Boris.

  31. Why is New York Boris Johnson British's Prime minister?

  32. Great Britain is no longer a democracy.

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