Poland pushes to help Ukrainian forces get the modern tanks they need

Germany gives Poland the green light to send advanced German-built Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: https://abc.com/shows/world-news-tonight WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: https://bit.ly/3iQLwPp #worldnewstonight #poland #ukraine #warinukraine

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Poland killer of puple Ukraine.

  2. The amount of people that seem to want this war to last 4ever is disturbing.

  3. That may be a mistake as Ukrain is linked to Biden. First protect their people, second: protect their people.

  4. Leave Poland alone! Hitler went there…that didn't work out well.

  5. Last time German tanks were on the move in that area it was a bad time for millions.

  6. I guess Poland wants to start World War 3. It was never a good idea to have them in NATO. They hate the Russians and don't care if they start a war. They will when their wiped off the face of the Earth!

  7. On the last stadium Mr zelensky Will ask for nato soldiers, long distance stuff and nukes in ukraine. This Will be the beginning of a nuclear war. Global businesses Will Also be destroyed. Thank you poland

  8. It doesn't make Nato get into war

  9. Polska/Poland is a nation of heroes and they came a long way against their enemies fron the past not a long ago 1st and 2nd World War had seen all kind of oppressions, betrayals, occupation and particularly from the Germans and Soviets. Today, the Poles have accomplished their dreams to be independent and lead a market economy. Ofcourse they are members of the European union and NATO. These gives them confidence and are working hard and the economy is doing very well and are now very active EU & NATO. We have is practically how Poland reacted the invasion of Ukraine by the Fascist Putin. The Poles and the Government acted swiftly in supporting the Ukrainians after the invasion. It was a noble cause what they did welcomind with open arms to their homes. They should deserve Noble Prise as a humanitarian act. They will help the Ukrainians in every aspect that is the way they are. I see Poland playing a decisive role in Europe against any fascist/s to mess up Europe.

  10. Кому ещё нужен кусочек России? Воистину говорится: не создай себе кумира! Люди совсем разучились думать своей головой. Как же много в наше время людей, жаждущих крови

  11. Poland PM’s judgement and courage is far better than the German chancellor. Can’t Olaf see that sending tanks in this case is to defend invasion and stop the war, not the other way round?

  12. European media fighting Russia and favouring ukraine. It is well known by world.😄😀😄😀🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  13. Poland is amazing
    Say whatever you want,but what a honoured nation it is.

  14. They should get tanks. It will turn the tide there.

  15. After february 24, the whole world saw the power of the "second army of the world".

  16. Yes! Please someone, anyone help them out and send them some tanks…💪🏼🤩

  17. "Słuchajcie kurwa, dzisiaj walimy ich na cipe do zera!"

  18. Ukraine is being used as a proxy to test weapons.

  19. Poland you’ll be the first to get Nuked

  20. Poland already understands the danger that would follow in the event of Ukraine's defeat. We must support Ukraine until their complete victory, so that war does not come to Europe. Putin must be stopped. It's not clear to me why Scholz ignores the danger of what's going on

  21. So does this agreement allow the Biden family to collect money from. Ukraine ?
    Or does this agreement cut out the big guy ?
    And does all this make the United States criminally liable for starting a war getting thousands killed just to make a few buck off of weapon sales .. I believe we deserve some answers as American citizens, our tax money was laundered to this end

  22. We must not allow even the slightest success of Putin, so we must supply as many weapons as possible so that Ukraine can win.

  23. Why is Scholz hesitant? Almost everyone has already agreed to give tanks and he is the only one stopping the process. Such decisions give Russia a chance to succeed

  24. This is a decisive moment in this war and the world must rally around Ukraine even more strongly by providing it with tanks and other heavy equipment. Every doubt is a chance for Russia