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Police ask for public's help to find repeat wedding crasher | ABC News

Police in Texas are trying to track down a woman who they say could be responsible for stealing from at least four weddings.

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  1. The balls on that lady, doesn’t even bother to dress up

  2. Of course a white woman get a slap on the wrist when she get caught.but if it were black and other their whole negative history be on the news which has nothing to do w the situation.

  3. She looks like a nice, honest lady! She must have fooled a lot of innocent people… Omg! What a dirty rat!

  4. How has she not been caught yet “YouTube FBI” is pretty good at finding people! lol 😂, y’all slipping and need to tighten up! Who’s mama is that!?

  5. I wonder how many instances there are of things like this happening. Maybe some couples should consider adding security to their weddings.

  6. yall acting like shes a serial killer even in the comments

  7. White folks can specialize and surprise society in any devil acts, wc are even new to

  8. Don’t let this distract ya from Epstein’s suicide

  9. You cracker's just have to accept the fact it's in your dna to kill steal and destroy im not surprised. After wiping out the Indians you went to your own people. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  10. Its chumps sister. Chumps can't keep themselves from stealing.

  11. She’s playing the game and she’s winning ,yeah it’s wrong but she’s smart about it

  12. She's in Texas. You know what that means, the electric chair. 😅

  13. Police ask for help so they can shoot and kill the wedding crasher

  14. She is NOT a wedding "crasher." She is a THIEF!!!!! Basically, a FELON. And before someone comes into this thread saying "but she is crashing a wedding," let me say upfront: I don't care. The most important issue here is that she is a THIEF. Normally, attending a wedding without being invited is not a crime. It could become a crime if the owner of the facility (or someone with authority to act on the owner's behalf) asks you to leave, but you remain on the property. This would constitute criminal trespass. But it doesn't seem that anyone asked her to leave. Taking the gifts, however, is INDISPUTABLY, a crime. That's the most important thing about this story: she is a serial thief and needs to be caught. Police wouldn't be looking for a serial wedding crasher and releasing video.

  15. Her time and effort would be better spent in concern for her own morbid obesity.

  16. How does she mingle with people? I think there would be an accomplice too, as she can't run fast. I hope she's caught soon.

  17. stealing from a store is one thing… stealing from a couple thats just starting there lives together is something else all together ..when this woman is caught i hope she does at least two years in prison without parole

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