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Police bodycam video captures harrowing Iowa river rescue

Officers in Des Moines recovered two people trapped in turbulent waters near a dam after their small, inflatable raft capsized.

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  1. That cop should get a medal

  2. Shoutout to the body cam for working properly even under extreme circumstances. When an innocent civilian is killed, suddenly the video footage is corrupt or damaged.

  3. wow! How do I donate 100£ THANKYOU SO MUCH 💥💋💥

  4. To Serve and Protect should be the the the most important ; but rarely is, we should thank these cops for being human.

  5. It’s absolutely amazing how quick the police release video footage that makes them look like the big heroes. Not so quick to release the video footage when your caught killing or beating someone. The people have your number

  6. why do all these crap-eating faggöt news reporters talk with that same nasally voice? Jesus man pull the anal beads out of your shïthole already

  7. Gee, let's go rafting in this raging river, near the dam, using my shitty lil' inflatable

  8. I seem to avoid getting into situations like this…. For some people, I guess that's impossible….

  9. God bless our 911 WARRIORS all over our country! : )

  10. Ignorant people underestimate the tremendous power of water. One cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 pounds. It takes only about 64 cubic feet of water to carry a two-ton (4,000-pound) car away.

  11. Good samaritan and officer did a good job, saved both lives

  12. Thank you 😊 Lord for those cops. In Jesus Name, Amen 🙏🏼

  13. Fucking idiots! God bless those cops. They need a weeks payed vacation to their favorite spot after that.

  14. Good thing so many officers these days are on roids. Makes those traffic stops a bit tense doe.

  15. Cops are wonderful and so are Good Samaritans

  16. This makes as much sense as walking down a dark alley in the Bronx yelling I got Money!

  17. God bless good officers around the world!

  18. But the police are the enemy right? Its nice to see them being praised

  19. Finally, a good cop video!!!

  20. Well done officers we love you 😍

  21. why in tf would you go rafting in raging waters in the first place? Dumb arse!😄

  22. in that rough water their asses should not have been out their bottom line stop being Risk Takers now you almost lost your life at least two officers did not come along you probably would have drowned

  23. Was awesome.Thank God for these officers.Heros.🙏

  24. Thank God that everyone is okay.

  25. It was truly awesome! Great work Officer's and the good Samaritan!

  26. We need more cops like this

  27. Amazing. Blessings to the officers!!

  28. God Bless & Protect these Police & all our Police officers. Thank you to all for their service❤

  29. They shouldn't be in the water, especially near a dam, at night. Glad they were ok, but it could've been bad if that cop wasn't there.

  30. Not the real news we need but the news the masses deserve😂

  31. Cops are pigs 🐷 = 👮🏻‍♂️

  32. Wow that is intense I wish all of these stories made the news prayers for all involved

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