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Police hunt for missing Alabama college student | ABC News

Aniah Blanchard, the stepdaughter of UFC heavyweight Walt Harris, was last heard from Wednesday night as her family and friends plead for her safe return.

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  1. Ohh no……its sad to hear. I know how his dad would feel. Being a fans of ufc, I feel very bad for the little girl's father.
    Hope the police find her soon safe and sound.

  2. Never want a daughter….. To dangerous of a world to bring kids into

  3. So scary…praying for her safe return…who is the "guy" she was with….get those cell phone records…its been 5 days…don't waste more time.

  4. That's one thing about Alabama to much crime against women to many crazy people and seems easy to get away with crime in Alabama … I'm from TX and I know few people from Albam. Said they had to get out of there to much crime, another incident he said there was father who raped and killed his own daughter and threw her on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere far from city that shit got sick to my stomach… Your own flesh and blood

  5. Women/Men, take a picture of every person that you are dating and send that picture with their name to your family/friends before you go on any date alone. Doing so could save your life…

  6. Hope she turns up safe & sound, pray for her safe return….

  7. I am about tired of Good ole George Snot-a-lot-ah-puss, always trying to SPAM the viewing audience. No Thanks, George Snot-a-lot-ah-puss. You click on the bell and get the spam emails you are so wanting me to subscribe to. It was just a news report. We don't need you telling us every time an NBC video is made to tell us how Youtube works. We all know how to Subscribe and I don't want to be your email Pal.

  8. If you are a woman and someone hits your car don't get out and look tell the person who hit you to pullover to a populated place and look in your sideview and rearview mirrors for the person who hit you putting their hands in their pockets or back or waist reaching for a gun. I have a feeling this was a bump and robbery and the victims were killed

  9. It breaks my heart to see the pain and grief filled inside that mother may the lord guide her through this.

  10. This will definitely be on 2020 and I didn't see any tears from her mom…

  11. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  12. No foul play but vehicle 50miles from home busted up?

  13. I hope she's found alive. :c

  14. skank whore, hope they find her in a dumpster with the rest of the garbage

  15. She dead check the river for her body

  16. Guarentee its human trafficking. Sad. But likely

  17. Oh my goodness. This doesn’t sound good at all. I’m so sad for her family.

  18. She was kidnapped and raped then murdered

  19. She is so beautiful. I hope she is OK.

  20. I support Life in Prison without possibility of parole for all kidnappings.

  21. Her suv is crashed and parked in a apt complex wired

  22. Prayers.
    Don't bother trolls telling me not to pray..

  23. I hope she turns up safe, but I have no doubt they will find the person she left with. There are just to many electronic foot prints and it's just a matter of time.

  24. As a parent to young children, I realize that no matter how old they become, you always have to worry about and check on your children no matter how annoying you might sound as a parent…

  25. Her dad is Gunna UFC on that nikka ass!

  26. Her corpse is getting raped right now by some MAGA hat wearing trumptard.

  27. Your kid will "Be out with a guy" and never be seen from again, GG getting dick….

  28. God told me to Rape my drug dealing neighbors little asian daughters. One of them leaves for class at the community college every thursday at 1130. I just wanna put it in her and make it bleed 😉 #CalvaryChapelLagunaCreek

  29. There is a lot people missing in the state Alabama this need to be addressed.

  30. I’m glad this made MSM. Keep showing until she’s found.

  31. They gonna sell her to some pervert in africa 😞

  32. I really hope they find her. but why wouldn't she let her friends or family know who the guy is especially if he was someone new? Ladies please let a friend know exactly who you're meeting up with.

  33. Good looking black girl….she's dead

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