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Police investigating motive in deadly rush hour traffic stop gun battle

Officer Andrew Moye had pulled over Aaron Luther’s pickup truck when Luther allegedly pulled out a long gun and started firing, killing Moye and injuring two other officers, police said.




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  1. Is da wat ur going to say … To a dead Police offficer .. Dat he love comin to his jobs N loved his wife .. Wow

  2. He probably got the gun through the criminal and bad people loop hole, you know the one when you don’t give a fuck about the law and or want to do bad things to people you can get an illegal gun and just do your thing

  3. he got it… the same way.. police officers sell their cell phones… to inmates in prison…. same way..

  4. What does his wife have to do with the cop? I mean idiot mad at her smh

  5. so take away the guns of law abiding citizens when bad people kill cops and everything will be fine….NOT

  6. Felons aren't allowed to own guns, and so called "assault" weapons are banned in California. Why would he add those "assault" features, like flash hider, forward pistol grip, pistol grip and the most dangerous feature, an adjustable buttstock? Oh, wait…

  7. The shooter is white so it's fine,he has mental illness.
    But the black man in Philadelphia that also shot the police well he has no mental illness he's black so he's a criminal.

  8. This proves that anyone can get a gun, regardless of felony convictions..even if they pass stricter gun laws, bad guys will always find a way to get thier hands on a gun. We have strict drug laws, yet people still manage to get them.

  9. I want to know why he wasn’t cuffed while the officer was doing his paperwork???

  10. The gunlaw = Billy the Kid's toolbox….!!

  11. Haha Fuck 12😂 If u didn’t pull him ova u wouldn’t have been popped simple😂

  12. See they tell us that their laws are going to do something and you have a guy who managed to get the gun. As a felon, he is ineligible to possess any firearms. But here he is with a gun anyway. Men and women, you have a second amendment right. I would suggest you take advantage of it like so many of you do with your first amendment right.

  13. 😡😡😡😡
    What’s going on with people 😡😡😡😡

  14. P O. S. A Luther should have taken his trailer trash father whom proclaimed his son had a sore leg and moron wife as an excuse for murder. Garbage family. Also, too bad the wife did not get the same fate as her pu$$y now dead garbage.. Karma is a bioche so, these two will get it in spades. Also, dumb wife loves her abuser. Deserves what she got/will get. Guaranteed she will find more trash to replace her excon excrement. Only low IQ losers embrace abusers.

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