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Police K-9 units under scrutiny as drug laws change

ABC News’ Alex Presha reports on the backlash some police departments are facing for their K-9 units mistakenly signaling for drugs, causing police to do unnecessary searches.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. k9's are extremely useful. is it inhumane when they chase and bite? yes. Lol. pretty much yes. Lol. but they sre very effective. ouch. Lol

  2. Nothing wrong with the dogs it's the cops handling them .

  3. How about including horses in that research? We've all seen the images. The Haitians being rounded up like goats or cattle. There was also a questionable image from Galveston when a "mentally ill" person was lead by a rope.
    Seriously people, it's 2021, not 1864. This cowboy show needs to be retired. A 1 ton horse in crowd of people is just not a good idea, no matter how you paint it.

  4. Dogs are the cop's way around that inconvenient 4th amendment.

  5. Make all the excuses you want, these dogs are 100% used to violate people's rights!

  6. 8k for a German Shepard?? Lol

  7. A new P e w Research poll found. 56% of people now believe, Joe Biden is not mentally sharp.

  8. Always a clip or narrative about race. MSM pushing division heavy af latly.

  9. The K-9 get more training then the actual officer" He was targeted because he was heading in the right direction of life being black. They stop you, before you make any successful moves in life. Some blacks make it, because they know how to camouflage themselves from racist tactics… They target you, to prevent you from having gun rights, housing discrimination, to keep the homeless shelters, and all the halfway houses field. Because the police & judges run, and own most of them. And if the don't own or run them. The get a big monetary contribution from the owners to keep blacks from succeeding. So they can continue to prosper with those kind of businesses….

  10. If that's the case all K-9s should be banned from LE. A dog shouldn't nullify my Fourth Amendment right.

  11. So what, "Dogs can do amazing things," 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  12. "He made a wide turn…"

    Oh gee, it's the end of the world. What are we gonna do… 🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♂️

  13. Pretext stop with k-9 unit assistance… Shouldn't be legal. Waste of everyone's time and money.

  14. We know it's all bs but not because of his color because he's American. 5his happens to white people all the time too.

  15. No mistake when you are falsely accusing somebody and sticking a dog on someone and they don't have narcotics on there hopefully this young man's mother will sue the pants off of that Police department 😇👎🏼🤷🏼‍♀️👺🔥👺🤬

  16. I hope he gets a million dollars from his lawsuit that Raggy ass dog supposedly smell drugs but they found not a seed it was because he was black man I hate them

  17. Rid all white supremacy race soldier gangs, and their little dogs too.

  18. Don’t make dogs be cops, cops suck. ACAB.

  19. Less dogs there being used in s harmful way

  20. And retire all dogs taught to smell out Cannabis.

  21. Fire the guy writing this. The word pot gives marijuana a bad name. Best stick to cannabis when reporting over this. Do you say pot is in your mothers breast milk or CBD?

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