Friday , December 4 2020
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Police launch manhunt for suspect in abduction of 3-year-old found safe | ABC News

Police released surveillance images of N’denezsia Monique Lancaster stating she abducted Ahlora Lindiment from a playground.

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  2. She looks like 5 years od🙄

  3. This made my night! I’m so happy she is home! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  4. Did you hear that white lady is her Step mother obviously she didn’t care why she let heft her to be supervised by other children I have a feeling the kidnapper was probably the real mother

  5. Parents got creative with Indonesia’s name

  6. I'm disgusted by anyone who would leave a 3 year old alone…

  7. Let's hope that this girl wasn't raped or taken advantage of in any other sick and twisted way. I can only imagine what some people do with such a young and tiny body.

  8. That stepmom looks
    1 Pretty ?
    2 Ugly ?

  9. So Happy The little girl is safe ❤️

  10. She was with her siblings so she wasn't alone…. still no excuse

  11. She wasn't alone at the park, her siblings were with her also! but common sense should've kicked in that even that's not safe, go with the kids or they can't go period!

  12. I thought that was lovely peaches for a minute

  13. Lock her up for many , many years.

  14. Sounds like Dulce's case. I hope they find her too 🙏

  15. she looks like her biological mother.

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  17. Wtf, what do you mean last seen an hour ago.
    Wasn't anybody watching this child?

  18. Have to keep your eyes at the back of your head in play ground…things are always waiting to happen,so glad for the little girl and she is safe.

  19. Nice to hear a happy ending!

  20. This is really nice. I’m sick and tired of hearing about abductions that go bad. Nevertheless I must say that people shouldn’t abduct each other in the first place! #relieved

  21. ** Person Hunt is politically correct **

  22. I know it might be sound weird but I understand why the woman was thanking her. We been hearing all this tragic ending for some of these babies who are abducted and she was found safe and unharmed. She let her go. I do think this lady still needs to be found and go to jail because it will probably not be her last time. But why do people leave they kids at the playground alone when they are inside the complex? The playground being inside the complex gives people a false sense of security? Doesnt Human trafficking make more than GEICO a year. We need to be vigilent with our children. They are trusting us to keep them safe.

  23. Charge the parents. No way in the world I would send my three year old to a play ground all by herself.

  24. Where are all the "Sounds about white" racists?

  25. I think there lying and was getting HI on meth or crack Spaced out or nodding on some good H and forgot about the kid but thank god the baby was safe and that’s the only thing I said today that matters god is goood

  26. Thank you for not harming my daughter ?U mean U shouldn't have kidnapped my daughter !! N Y wasn't U watching your daughter??????

  27. Don’t leave a three year old in a playground without being supervised.

  28. What kind of parent would let a 3 year old play in the park by herself??? Where was the child's mother at??? Thank God that child is safe now!!!😇💗🌺

  29. '' thank you for not harming my daughter''….this lady serious right now?

  30. Manhunt is just a word like mankind it means all people let’s save our butt hurt Ness For real things like people disrespecting our deity of a president

  31. Y wasn’t she being watched smh

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