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Police looking for driver who plowed into crowd, hitting 2 people

The incident happened as officers were breaking up a gathering outside a Denver nightclub; police said they have the car’s license plate number.

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  1. Shit, I'll get the hell out of there too.

  2. He was try to save his life,

  3. they cut out the best part, F*ck abc.

  4. Seems to me a bunch of people were trying to drag someone out of the car and the person was trying to escape. Police needs to arrest these individuals for their involvement in the assault as well as the driver.

  5. Wow a person is getting attack in their car and he plows through the morons attacking him seems like self defense to me

  6. The driver was about to get beat down.. Self defense!

  7. There was a reason why they were assaulting him, he most likely did something bad to where the people had to ruin his car and the cops weren’t doing anything about it but pepper spraying. that really gives him no right to run over people like that,there was a reason why they were doing what they were so you guys can’t be saying, “oh I WoULdvE RaN tHeM oVeR tO iF tHeY wERe doInG ThAT tO mY cAr” like y’all sound stupid af if you don’t know the reason behind the situation

  8. Oh look at who was attacking and prying the car open… it's 👌, here in Houston it's the same "criminals" every single damn day on the news and papers

  9. They don't know they almost ripped his door off!!! I would od drove off as well!!!

  10. @0:28 driver doesn't appear. Driver's car is being destroyed.

  11. He was fleeing for his life. Only God can judge.

  12. Let’s ban assault vehicles

  13. Reminds me of Charlottesville

  14. So he was supposed to stop, and allow the crowd to rip him from his car, and pummel him senselessly?

  15. Don't people drive with their car doors locked?

  16. Haha….did the cop actually watch the damn video? No need to say you aren't sure if he was going to be assaulted. Your gang shoots people for way less then that.

  17. Drinking and driving (and youth) do not mix.

  18. I would have done the same thing. That's self defense he had to get out of there.

  19. I wouldn't Blame him lol

  20. Holly shit I would do the same thing. I guess its illegal to not let yourself be beaten by mob nowadays.

  21. Ummm…is there a different video? Story? Somethings not right here…i see a man alone with goons trying to rip his door off to get to him and doing what any sane smart person would do and get tf outta there with drunk bowling pins that got in his way. Theyre in the street they put themselves in danger. So why is the news repor…..oh wait nevermind. Thats right, typical of idiot reporters making shit out to be what they want instead of what it is. Yeah i'm doing the same in his situation. Sorry for the idiots drunk in the street but duuhhhh!!

  22. I’d have ran over everyone in that crowd lol


  24. Liberal logic: Ban vehicles

  25. Why was there a line of vans with flashing lights blocking the road is this another fake news story?

  26. Denver has become a place full of loonies and nutjobs.
    I have a feeling its going to get worse due to horrible politics.
    Its really sad whats happening there.
    Denver is primed to be the next Seattle, Portland or San Francisco.

  27. The people in the car were being attacked ferociously. Plowing through a crowd more like fearing for your life .

  28. I'll still sue even if minor damage. You hit me with a car is the point 😂

  29. I mean I don't blame him…I would have plowed into a mob of people attacking me too… he should not be arrested in my opinion

  30. Are u hispanic and changed your name

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