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Police looking for suspect in deadly Houston freeway shooting

Traffic was backed up for miles as good Samaritans desperately tried to save the life of one victim; police said the murders were likely drug-related.


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  1. What about divide Texas and make one more state in US, the Lord told me to US founds a new state in US named Love, in dedication of Love, and God promises to bring love to help US because these guys are to much in the mood of war, God wants to give name a good size land from US of Love, as purpose of love too, since Texas is a very big state, can be the state able to hear the order of God, or a state wished do hear God and make the purpose

    people are praying for God help the nation, so if you guys are not able to hear, neither fulfill the order about name a good size land with the name of Love, God will permit the enemy uses high love plans to gain the US

    God gave me a order to be more in particular about it not bringing to much atention for me about it and let the people of the place to make their decisions, for God bless them, will see their hearts about it and bless,

  2. That wasn't road rage, that was a hit.

  3. We are gonna have to roll in tanks and walk around with bazookas ☹️

  4. Online shopping, telecommuting for work, and online schooling is they way to go!! lol

  5. They ran off or jack the plug maybe

  6. Gonna kill people over weed? Step your game up and get legit

  7. When you steal from a Mexican cartel , unfortunately you have to pay with your life ..

  8. Maybe start constitutional carrying

  9. I'm surprised the dems haven't blamed this on trump yet

  10. Look at em trying to sway peoples minds to try and ban Rifles.

  11. Why dont you do news segments on chicago shootings?….o thats right it would be your whole show.

  12. They rob the wrong mofos I’ll tell u that CARTEL DONT PLAY

  13. Nothing to see here. This is gun crazed Texas and all these bozos are doing this nonsense all in the name of the Musket Amendment

  14. Drugs and gangs, AKA self removing trash!

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