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Police release body camera video in controversial horseback arrest

Officers in Galveston, Texas, can be heard discussing how the public will view the scene as they tie a rope to the hands of the black suspect and march him through the city.


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  1. This is a reminder of when you Make America great again. I'm surprised they didn't call up the boys for a lynch"N"

  2. Stay next to me,I'm going to drag u if not??? Omg sick

  3. Those white policemen knew what they did. Racist dogs. That white woman is worse than the white man. I'm sure she'll use the crying scene. Talking about dragging him if he don't keep up. WS kkk police

  4. All Race-Baiting. Everyone in this Pathetic World is ACTING. Whos taking all of this Video??? Duh! Not buying it

  5. This lady cop she was praying 🙏 for black men to run so she can test her hose back ridding skills sad should be suspended with out paid

  6. We have investigated OURSELVES and find NO Wrongdoing!

  7. So cops want to go old western days but get freaked out when they see citizens open carry like the old west and that bitch need to be fucking fired stupid as bitch

  8. It was good that these cops could recognize some issues with the homeless guy….but that seriously pissed people off when Annie Oakley threatened to drag him…

  9. Nothing to see here, just a slave being taken into town for auction.

  10. Never trust a white women or white men y’all stay evil then laugh this government we live in bs🤨

  11. What are these dumbasses doing? You're supposed to get a squad car! You idiots! Just gave away more of my taxpayer money! I don't blame you I blame the people who hired you HR.

  12. "This is going to look bad"…continues to do it.🤦‍♀️
    They treated that human like a dog. Disgusting.

  13. Nothing will be done about this laughing knowing what it was going to look like! Nothing will be done

  14. If this happened in Canada or Europe, maybe I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. But of course this happened in the racist state of the racist country in the world, Texas. This is beyond bad judgement, the fact that the man was mentally ill. I believe it was deliberate to humiliate the man and reinstate memories of slavery. I would deeply investigate this cop and he should be removed from the police force. Completely unacceptable!

  15. They should make her walk naked around town to jail.

  16. you people of the usa find this ok ??? its shame full you should do the same to thoose "officers" and then ask what the find of it.

  17. Liberals: OMG at least find him a burro/donkey

  18. Absolutely horrible!! 🤬I hope they're fired!!

  19. The officers were fighting global warming.

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