Wednesday , January 26 2022
Home / News / Police Review Dayton Mass Shooting Video Evidence, Frame By Frame | NBC News

Police Review Dayton Mass Shooting Video Evidence, Frame By Frame | NBC News

During a news conference, police in Dayton, Ohio, present an in-depth look at video evidence they are using in their investigation into a mass shooting that left ten people dead, including the gunman.
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Police Review Dayton Mass Shooting Video Evidence, Frame By Frame | NBC News


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  1. Has Elizabeth Warren accepted responsibility yet?

  2. At 9:20 is that an officer with the long gun uper right of screen?

  3. The Buckeyes are too strong 💪

  4. Great response time, Dayton PD! Well done!

  5. Clinton banned assault rifles and we had none of this. So whatever you do DONT ban assault rifles so we can have more and more for the love of god. The media came in their pants

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  7. Stop the shootings!!!!! Ban guns!!!!!

  8. Good work by those officers! They moved to the sound of the gunfire immediately and thereby saved a lot of lives. I hope Dayton honors these guys appropriately.

  9. Great job to those officers! Much respect!!

  10. Great response and take down officers.

  11. FIVE officers less than a MINUTE after the shooting starts… and still, so much carnage.

  12. How To Stop Or Eliminate Mass Gun Violence Events. 1) Middle school grades 8 & 9 shall have gun awareness and safety classes for all students, 2) High school grades 10 & 11 shall have firearms proficiency training (class & live fire) to include defensive tactics for home and public events, 3) High school seniors shall obtain a concealed carry permit as a criteria to graduate . They must demonstrate they have learned gun safety and show proficiency in the use and storage of firearms. 4) Eliminate all soft targets from banning guns from licensed individuals such as schools, churches, restaurants, etc. 5) Allow Open Carry for licensed individuals in all 50 states. That’s All Do you believe a crazed person would attempt to shoot-up a church or shopping center if they will potentially be facing 100 trained & armed people? NOPE.

  13. Still he is not a 'CHRISTIAN or Jewish terrorist '. He is simply a 'white male' and a 'mentally disturbed guy'.

    All terrorists are mental case. No religion teaches terrorism. Islam is most vocal and explicit against any chaos and terrorism. But to the judgement of the Western world, exceptions are Muslims '. They always are the black-sheep killing people in cold blood according to their civilised (!) judgement. Adoph Hitler was never a Christian Terrorist!

    God has saved ' Muslims ' from infamy yet another time. He is not an 'Islamic or Izlamic terrorist ' after all. Thank God!

    THINK! God has always His own ways to demonstrate justice. Firing and killing innocent people with mass state firepower will always backfire at home.

    My sincerest sympathy for those innocent buddies and their families who lost their lives helplessly.

  14. This was very confusing 🤔 if he fired his first shots walking down the alley.. then it must have taken him more than 15-20 to walk from the back of the building around the corner?? Questionable

  15. Strangely, Google hasn't issued a takedown order for using their copyrighted map data.


  17. Where's this kind of scrutiny in the investigation of mass-shootings in Brooklyn and Chicago???


  19. Bruh is their a shooting everyday or something

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