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Police say at least 4 dead and multiple injured in Texas mass shooting | ABC News

Authorities are still grappling with the scale of this shooting, which happened on the interstate, surface streets and outside shopping centers.

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  1. It's amazing how guns are keeping Texas safe. Texas is shooting its way to less gun violence.

  2. All Donald Trumps fault! 2019 is shit

  3. I was at Walmart yesterday and a white male with the biggest beard I’ve ever seen walked in the building open carrying a gun and people started walking out of the building instinctively. Stay safe people cause you never know who’s the next Steven paddock.

  4. Very sad , is this in Afghanistan ?

  5. If you participate in bullying and expect some fairly tail of a story then fuck you and your family. They knew. What was going on

  6. People say black people are dangerous and yet every mass shooting was from a white male

  7. It's a secret race war on blacks and Mexican and native some whites if there in the way we just need to prepare and call it for what it is shiii if they want it lets go

  8. These white parents need to do better jobs at raising their white kids!

  9. Ban High Capacity Semiautomatic Weapons Now. In a civilized society they serve No Purpose. They are Soldiers Weapons with very minor modifications. They should never be allowed on our streets, Ever.
    Attitude, Anger, Mental Illness, Whatever! These weapons slaughter Americans and need to be banned. Period.

  10. Ya they blame guns but video games and the violence is what Normalizes these things for kids and makes them think that it’s not that bad to do things like this

  11. America is fucking DOOMED. !!!!!!!

  12. When the white devils kill innocent people it's mass shootings , mental illness etc. but when non white do the same it's terrorist attack, extremist, jihadist so on, what fuck is going on? Hatred , racism …?

  13. 2:08 Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom
    Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun
    Poom, poom

  14. The White Man strikes again…. 👀👀

  15. So glad they killed him.

  16. Ok, this is horrible. I agree 100%. There is no need, and its heart breaking. HOWEVER stop pointing the finger at guns. "It's all guns fault". That is the single most ignorant thing ive ever heard in my life. Guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people! Without people that gun is nothing more than a paper weight! When that kid shot a bunch his fellow students and teachers at his school in Florida, people went after dicks sporting goods because they sold him the weapon. THEY LEGALLY SOLD FROM THE WEAPON. He had no criminal background of any kind and showed no mental health problems during purchase. It was not their fault. That psycho that drove the home depot truck threw the park and down the sidewalk killing several a few years ago, no one went after home depot, or accused them of anything. They legally rented their services to someone with a valid driver's license! It isn't any different! If someone drives over a crowd of people in their silverado are you going to want vehicles banned? No because thats also irrational. Gun laws, and gun bans don't hurt anyone but someone like me that's a collector with a passion for guns, history and the history that comes with it. All these planes that banned high capacity magazines accomplished nothing. They can easily be altered with a little brains or obtained illegally! A man that's about to walk into a 7/11 to rob it Gun point didn't stop and say, oh will i guess i should only put 10 rounds in this 17 round mag cause over 10 is illegal. Im a good guy, and i would do everything i can to stop a violent person trying to hurt innocent people. If i do, you'd be thanking me for saving your life. Keep pushing this ignorance and some day maybe you'll wish the man next to you was armed. My heart and thoughts go out to the victims and families of this tragedy.

  17. Its texas rididng with guns aint nuttin new but this shit

  18. You guys don't need terrorists to come there…you will shoot each other till kingdom come…
    you all are nuts in the head over there…police shootings people over wallets…people shooting people over in diners and concerts…whats wrong with you people…..

  19. God so sad… Everyone talks bad about law enforcement, but in reality they save a lot of people and children… And work a very stressful job

  20. The joker was right…….AHAHAHA AHAHAHA

  21. a country full of unregulated guns and unmedicated nut jobs

  22. Either MSM don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood.

  23. It's hard to go out to the store or do errands, you don't know if we're next, there's nothing simple in this life anymore, there's alot of selfishness in this earth !

  24. Ima guess its a white male

  25. Love how the police kicked everyone out of the theater and into harm's way.

  26. WHAT THE FUCK?!!! I'm a firm believer in owning guns but this is bullshit! This has to be some sort of staged shit going on.😔😔😔

  27. When will it be enough America?!

  28. Why kick every one out in the open were they can get SHOT? Why not lock them in and secure the area? Sounds like some BS to me.

  29. When will this end? R.I.P to all those that lost there lives thought and prayers from the uk

  30. She heard the “pops” folks; pop pop pop, she thought it was fire crackers. Smh 🤦‍♂️ I’m glad this man didn’t state the “assault style rifle “ statement, yet I’m not letting him off the hook, mags not “clips”. To the victims, carry daily, protect yourselves best as possible to the best of your abilities. Training on monthly if not weekly basis. YOU are your first responder to your safety and family. Officers are the second responders to your safety and others.

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