Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Police Say Long Island Stop & Shop Shooter Was Employee Who Killed Manager | NBC News NOW

During a police briefing, authorities gave more details on the shooting at a Long Island Stop & Shop where one person was killed and two people were injured. They said that the suspect was a “troubled employee” who requested a transfer earlier that day.
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Police Say Long Island Stop & Shop Shooter Was Employee Who Killed Manager | NBC News NOW


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  1. I worked for this company for years, and knew something like this would happen one day. Walmart is nothing like this place for treating their employees like S%#$. But, being a smaller company, they were able to fly under the radar. And ironically, they are Union. Managers and execs are treated like gods, and make outrageous salaries. Recently hired workers make close to minimum wage, in a company that is the definition of corporate greed. A few years ago, while working there, we suffered through a bitter strike. meanwhile the Piece of S%$@ CEO that caused it walked away with a huge bonus in his pocket, while the workers couldn't pay their bills.

  2. We should not be paying any attention to the death of this little girl or the thousands of people like her that are killed or shot by criminals in our cities, we should only look at police misconduct. What is wrong with you people? Patrisse needs a new house.

  3. We need gun control because I’d like to see more stabbings

  4. “We need 27 million for the family and the BLM man should be jailed ASAP”

  5. Republican responded, he's a good guy with gun until he had a bad day

  6. How many more people have to be killed by bullets to convince these Republicans in the white house to prove these gun violences need to stop because if their think the citizens can handle it they are cowards and it gives all the more reason to end the filibuster.

  7. Geezuz! We need to dump guns!

  8. Let me tell you a short story, I wanted better for a community, I spoke out, wanted said community to stand up
    for equality for self, family. Since been labeled racist, against caucasian, and others, think black people are useless, hate non heterosexual, don't, no what they've said about religion not sure what else I'm supposed to disparage. Stated an all out war of bullying against me. Think one minute how some humans, are if given opportunity to do harm!! And so far my weapon is cursing those who have hurt me with no regard if that is truly me or not. Now imagine 10 years of this. I am not so quick to not ask, what is the WHOLE STORY anymore. OH did I add most recently, was in the Emergency a staff felt it would be funny to RAM her hand in my private parts, was at Hospital for bleeding internally. What would you do if you were me!!! Honestly!!! Denied justice, well even though I am still holding on using my words.

  9. The lady behind him had no mask for a few seconds. She looked at the camera and begrudgingly put on a mask—what a fraud.

  10. This craziness is now at my door step.. smh!

  11. Something about what he's saying doesn't seem right. It sounds completely one-sided. We all know ( if you have been in the workforce for a long time ) that management tend to over exaggerate or downplay issues at the workplace.

  12. Remember to treat others well. Imagine if you treat someone bad and the person translate it to others.

  13. America is rich, I don't know why they take lives so easily out of anger. Not that this guy is a criminal, he was just angry.

  14. Homelessness and killing with guns are the shames of USA.

  15. Why America is erupting in the Biden era?

  16. If I had a car. I would get into the same day delivery business.

  17. These guys absolutely do not fear imprisonment or death for that matter. What they do fear is a fair fight or resistance. He will now spend most if his life in prison considered a hero by his fellow inmates for striking back at the man.

  18. Universal basic income would solve this issue of mortgage debt vs survival (food warmth shelter community-communication) and death

  19. After four years of tRump… 📢🗣️ Biden! clean up on isle 5, 6, 7…

  20. Be Well Everyone.

    Have some pudding.

  21. since Biden took over the office, the shooting has never stopped…..

  22. we had a guy show up at our office with a gun five years ago! i have worked from home since then! people just crazy and fed up!

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