Sunday , January 24 2021
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Police seen shoving elderly man to ground | USA TODAY

Police officers suspended after video shows them shoving 75-year-old man to ground.
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A 75-year-old man suffered a head injury and is in ‘stable but serious condition’ after he was shoved by police during a protest in Buffalo, New York.

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  1. Disgusting pieces of crap. I hope people rise up

  2. And conservatives love sociopaths like these.

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  4. Where is this man's lawyer? Surely, when McDonald’s can be sued for serving coffee that is too hot (Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants); this man has a case worth litigating.

  5. That's not even an old man. Lol. Trying to disable their scanners.

  6. I definitely don’t think they meant to even knock him down. And as soon as they did they called for a medic. So I don’t see why they should really be in trouble. I mean they told him to get back and he didn’t

  7. Is this USA 🇺🇸 or Hong Kong 🇭🇰 ?

  8. More news outlets are upset about this old instigator falling down than black people actually getting killed smh.

  9. Convenient, that you cropped the video right before two camo officers checked on him.
    They can't move him, only paramedics. That baton push is standard training when an instigator contacts you, as the old man did.

  10. Wow! He probably played soccer as a kid, he took a dive! The cop shoved his hand away and the guy flew backwards 10 feet! One less anachist agitator who hates America

  11. Finish him!
    Police pushes mans chest inside his stomach
    Opponent: falls to the ground
    Game over:
    Wait a minute, huh🤔


  13. What was the geezer harassing the cops for? These protesters set themselves up for these issues. Sorry but I have no sympathy.

  14. Yes Trump I'm sure this 75 year old man is with antifa shaking my head

  15. Republican leaders have no accountability….they cant even comment on trump's actions as of late….what weak leadership

  16. I would hardly call that a nudge. He lost his footing and fell. Yes they should be more courteous to the elderly. Looked like he was trying to give back their property. They caused him to fall so they should lose their jobs! I 100% agree. But everyone is blowing up the situation saying the cops basically beat the shit out of an old man. When it is clear they barely nudged him and he lost his footing and fell. Not police brutality. If they beat him with their baton then yes but him falling no.

  17. Do you not see he was taunting police? Even after the push, the cop realized it was too much , shook his head and went to the side. Then you can see a medic on the old man. Just realize the pressure the police are under because of a few bad moves. Doesn’t help that they are being hated on and have to put up with bullshit from rioters and taunting protestors. People need to realize that this ongoing behavior doesn’t help anyone. It’s actually creating MORE division.

  18. This is a hoax folks. He had a tube running from his mask to his right ear and he's a known agitator. Look at this Tweet where they show the tube in the lower right frame:

  19. This is what To Protect and to Serves looks like in America. Thugs with a gun and a badge. If he had been a 75 year old black man, they would have shot and killed him. Their report of the incident, would have gone something like this: " I felt threatened and it looked like he had a gun in his hand."

  20. Funny he doesn't look black to me.

  21. Why would u stand in the way of riot police?

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