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Police sergeant testifies at the Derek Chauvin trial

Police Sgt. Ker Yang leads the crisis team at the Minneapolis Police Department.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Guys Ya know the amount of Love Jesus has for you is Unimaginable So just accept him as your Lord and Savior so we will a meet him in heaven.

    Like so more people can see this :^D

  2. The whole police department is railroading this police officer. He worked for them for many years yet now he is the worse police officer they ever had working for them. I believe the whole police force needs to be looked at closely. Who was the ranking officer in this incident? All of the police officers at the scene are guilty in this death.

  3. Two facts: 1. Autopsy says Floyd died of a drug overdose. 2. Police body-cams show, from an alternate angle, Chauvin's knee was actually on Floyd's shoulder. Derek Chauvin may get acquitted on all murder charges as there is reasonable doubt.

  4. Was I the only person who was thinking how ridiculous this whole line of questioning was? Is it illegal to not follow the flow chart verbatim of procedural justice 🤣. Cam we stick to the facts please, surprised the judge allowed this diatribe of bs having zero impact ok the case. In fact I think the prosecution I'd really advertising their case is so bad they're relying on flow charts you see in emails none of us read at the office.

  5. "He has a mask on I'm assuming that's him." Tf 🤣

  6. Obviously there have been quite a few who missed out on this block of instruction!!!🤨

  7. White Boy Summer 2021 !

  8. What the hell is he writing???

  9. Bottom line he murdered an unarmed man again again until dead guilty is what he did an tookyhis man life he get life in prison. Just a monster. Unfit mentally to be acop.

  10. At the end "A lot of the time, we have the time to slow things down, re-assess and go through the model". Chauvin did not follow protocol even though he had ample time to go through the 'model' follow the protocol whilst the other officer was holding back the crowd recording. He had his hand in his pocket whilst placing his knee on Floyds neck showing that he was in charge and he wasn't threatened. If he was threatened he would've called for more backup in those 9 minutes. He Sgt Yang messed up by saying he believes the training works, when its clear as day it doesn't and had floyd murdered…

  11. How we know that's him with that mask on. I wanna see your face. Let us see your face

  12. I will not be surprised if Americans make a statue of a chauvin after this trial, win or lose

  13. Chauvin was so comfortable with what he did, I wouldn't be surprised if Floyd wasn't the first person to lose their life to this poor excuse for a human being.

  14. We should give Chauvin credits for he has guts to tame a roaring kicking fighting black huge giant. Nobody knows he is on drug. Floyd refused to enter the police car because he was scared the police department will find out he was on drugs and he will be put in jail. Only Floyd himself knows he is guilty. Otherwise he won't fight like a wild animal.

  15. I hate that because there are people of color and of Asian descent, it’s 50% less effective. It’s really fucking sad.

  16. Chauvin needs to stop staring everyone down. A little bit of humility would be good. 😠

  17. Derek Chauvin is a POS. Life for a life.

  18. That judge is clearly favoring the defense. If he continues allowing here say to come into testimony Derek is going to walk.

  19. His corpse would never stay in the ground after execution. They'd have to cremate him and hide the ashes. I'd imagine people would pay top dollar for the parts. Especially his knee's.

  20. Not guilty, defence tore it up again.

  21. They're going to make Chauvin look like the worst student at the Academy. Very strange approach

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  23. Georgia for Honest & Legal Election Laws! I D to vote. Like every thing you do!

  24. Marxist media Tries to manipulate viewers, I D to vote is Racist LOL 😂 & yes u can have water!! Georgia for Honest & Legal Election Laws this time.

  25. On a positive note. George has been drug-free for 11 months.

  26. He don't deserve a trial.he is guilty.a killer.

  27. I will ask and answer the question no one wants to ask or answer. How is it possible that US cops are trained to kneel on a suspects neck? The answer – kneeling on people's necks comes from Israel. That is what Israel police does to Palestinians all the time. It is part of the training our cops receive from Israeli security firms. The organization Jewish Voice for Peace did an expose a couple of years ago where they showed that innocent sounding organizations such as the Anti Defamation League offer all expense paid junkets to our police departments to go to Israel and are introduced to Israeli apartheid tactics. The police officials then come back to the US and hire Israeli firms to train our police officers on the same tactics Israel uses.

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  29. I’m curious what kind of training would have prevented George Floyd from dying from a Drug Overdose.

  30. Does he recognize him? You mean that guy that helped ruin a whole year? How wouldn't he recognize that trash?

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  32. This is the worst case to glorify of all the people killed by cops in a month why this one ? Are the facts showing that both these guys were DIRTBAGS ! No fair trial can happen, there's going to be riots no matter what ! This is far from being about right and wrong.

  33. The prosecution doesn't have a case. This is getting embarrassing.

  34. Chauvin is innocent. The country ows him an apology. George Floyd is a drug addict who died from an overdose of Fentynal allegedly purchased from Maurice Hill who was the passenger in the vehicle identified by the girlfriend’s sworn testimony. Maurice Hill should be on trial but politicians are knee deep in the drug trade. Defund the police is just the beginning. Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington State are the templates for lawlessness and the black shirt army of Antifa/BLM terrorists running around intimidating anyone who wants to live in the old way of America.

  35. No one seems to remember the 2 time tour of duty female veteran protesting the trampling of the Constitution she served under murdered by Capital police

  36. It’s obvious Officer Chauvin did nothing wrong and is as innocent as a person could be.

  37. Nowadays we're all on camera when we go to the bank, mall, grocery store, neighbors doorbell camera, gas station, etc. Are we supposed to be irritated if we're on film? Does it matter if your not doing anything wrong?

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