Sunday , November 29 2020
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Police Speak After Arrest Made In Murder Of Witness In Amber Guyger Trial | NBC News

Dallas police update the public after an arrest is made in the murder of Joshua Brown, a key witness in the Amber Guyger trial.
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Police Speak After Arrest Made In Murder Of Witness In Amber Guyger Trial | NBC News


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  1. Capital murder for the 3 black suspects who drove over 300 miles for weed(yeah right) I bet there won't be any hugs tears and bibles for them either.

  2. Cop Killers of Dallas nuff said

  3. The police in Dallas need to be investigated for this murder cause nothing adds up at all. That department needs to investigated for killing witness .

  4. I feel bad if those 3 suspects are innocent

  5. So Joshua wasn’t shot in the mouth? I thought he was shot once in the mouth too.

  6. Dont worry, conspiracy theorists will solve all of the worlds greatest mysteries.

  7. So the PROSECUTION didn’t know their star witness was a drug dealer…nice set up for the appeal

  8. He only got shot a year ago, why would he ever get shot again?

  9. Why not identify them sooner and Protect this man rather then solving his MURDER? So convenient he’s a drug dealer now


  11. Convienient and timely for the corrupt police of Dallas.

  12. He was crying like a little girl because his days were numbered. I guess the first attempt on his life was police involvement to?

  13. I smell Dallas police corruption. FBI should get involved on Joshua brown murder.

  14. Why drive all the way to Texas for drugs? I hope you’re in a better place, Joshua. I hope you can listen to Botham singing again. I’m so sorry for your family and friends.

  15. Just another low life making bad decisions and he got himself killed, nothing more, there will be another story to be outraged over very soon

  16. this prably how it wnet down; the doods aks brown for the weed and brown sid i dont gots none fro the prise you wants to pay. so the dods shoosted brown and than brow die rite then and thir. thast all thir is too it. the end

  17. Can we see the phone records and the cctv?

  18. They should be considered dangerous because they are criminals not because they are armed millions and millions of citizens are armed every day and they are no threat.

  19. Since when do they give ALL THESE DETAILS. Why would guys drive from Louisiana to Dallas for WEED that they could get from "NEW ORLEANS"😊 What an insult, they think the public is STUPID.

  20. Here's the problem. Three dudes travel from Louisiana to Tx to buy drugs.

    What's wrong with the dope in Louisiana?

  21. Blacks would say it's a government conspiracy even if they had it all on video.

  22. Yeah, right, the Dallas cops killed him. The SAME Dallas cop who murdered XXXXXTENTACION, NIPSEY, TUPAC, YUNG GREATNESS, SOULJA SLIM, DOE-B, 3-2. JAZMINE BARNES, AND KYLE YORLETS!!! The "KINGS OF DENIAL" are at it again!

  23. Not even the police spokesperson sounds convinced.

  24. I dont believe this weak story.Police are dirty.

  25. Make the credible witness a unreliable drug dealer… yeah right….

  26. Why are the Dallas Police telling us fake stories of what happen? Their department should be investigated because they obviously murdered this boy. Witnesses don't just die when they have upcoming trials. Not a doubt in my mind dirty cops killed him for testifying. Now that makes sense, not a fake drug deal claim.

  27. How would they know there name's so quickly and know what they took . this was a cover up. Looks like Dallas's drug cage is a little light from the manifest. So if i shoot someone who i thought was in my apartment but in fact was in his own apartment watching television i would only get 10 years….hummmm ..oh wait i have to be a cop to get a light sentence. What a joke. Anybody else would have gotten life. Next they will be telling us she'll be spending those 10 years in club med because she'll be in fear for her life.

  28. Why does he seem so nervous while reporting this?

  29. It doesn't seem right, because it goes against your beliefs. Example: Republicans and climate change.

  30. I did a Livestream about this on my channel last night. I break down all the lies. Watch the replay video

  31. How convenient, hard to believe this story , why would a key witness in a major trial involving a police officer would keep such amount of marijuana and guns at his place….

  32. They drove 300 miles to buy drugs. Couldn’t find a closer source? Okay.

  33. Y’all acting like you’ve never heard black people killing other black people 😂😂 I hate the police but come on this isn’t nothing new.

  34. The Dallas Police Department incompetence is legendary!! The lies they tell and the truth ain't in them😭So the star witness was a drug dealer😕Last time I checked the Prosecution team spoke highly of Joshua🕵

  35. Beep Beep Beep ..That's the Police van backing up to Browns apartment with the twelve pounds of weed for the set-up! Someone was getting a Toe tag that night !

  36. That’s awfully convenient and of course he’s a drug dealer!

  37. Dedicated work? More like a Guinness World Record!

  38. B S. how convenient that they found (framed) suspects so quickly.

  39. Why'd it take them 3 days to charge Amber Guyger?

  40. All these cities magically have black police chiefs all of a sudden. Nice move by the WS chessmaster. Think about it

  41. Whenever a black man gets killed by a white Police officer, the officer that does the press conference to explain it is always Black for some reason. Even though we know that the majority of the officer's are white.

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