Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Police take down suspect who allegedly threatened to commit mass shooting

Authorities say Tristan Wix, 25, texted about planning a mass shooting.


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  1. White boys will be white boys.

  2. Young crazy white guys on the loose. 🏃🏃💣🔫

  3. Good job officers and ex girlfriend! Stop it before it happens 👏🙌

  4. texting is not safe email is not safe, post it is then.
    "if you gear up against us, we'll get you"

  5. good to see cops take threats seriously for once, maybe it could have prevented previous mass shootings.

  6. Wtf is wrong with them what do they gain from this sorry senseless ass bullshit. You have one life we sin but killing thats like a guaranteed ticket to hell in my opinion

  7. The sad part is that you liberal retards actually believe it without question. Can't put two and two together.

  8. Oh scapegoating….. The Jews are at it again.

  9. So America has domestic and international terrorists now great 👍🏽 with police choking people to death and foreign drug cartels and chinese opioids a zombie apocalypse sounds good about now 😕

  10. $250,000 bond for this guy? Now that's the worst damn joke I've heard in to be actually true. The judge who set this guy's bond should be FIRED!
    Futhermore, it's an insult to the prosecution who will hopefully one day formally charge this wing nut in a court of law. Also, to the police officers who literally risk their lives on the hour to try and get a jump on scum like this to keep the public safe!

  11. The fact you can buy bulletproof backpacks says a lot about the state of our country 🇺🇸 It’s an epidemic. That I only see getting worse in years to come. 😔

  12. Why these supremacist mad?Their leader is prez they got the Senate-Supreme Court I dont get it.

  13. Do all these trump supporters have bowl cuts? Tf is wrong with you psychos?!

  14. Our young people are sick.


  16. His name must be "John Barron the bonespur murderer"

  17. The archon Michael is the patron saint of the police.  He will take the stand on justice day in his white robes and explain the pizza stains and other things.  Its just like that.  Jesus can't stop Justice.  No matter what else he can do.

  18. You know what, why can't the military take down these terrorists

  19. Smh another Trump supporter. You republikkkans are no saints.

  20. its the damn illegals doing all this blame them!!! sarcastic

  21. More and more coming out and with Trump as president just fuels more racism throughout the country

  22. 106 potential mass shooters gave thumbs down 👎 lol

  23. Should the media tell all info?

  24. If somehow everyone who was planning a Mass Shooting or getting ready to do one, wanting to do one just dies i WOULDN'T be suprised if half the population is gone

    no offense

  25. How about ban automatic guns from all whites and mass shootings will end..problem solved

  26. does any of the police look in fear of there lives

  27. I'm liking this change in law enforcement…keep up the good work

  28. Theere becoming German solider or German killer!

  29. Only paranoid uneducated people, want guns to remain legal. I'm 29 & have never needed a gun.lol a knife is a good enough self defense weapon.. The government doesn't know you exist. Stop acting like they're out to get you. ✌

  30. Fuck is wrong with your news fuck yall racist pieces of shit

  31. Good job👍🏽 our tax money at it's finest! Keep up the good work,see something,hear something then say something!

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