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Police Thwart Mass Shooting Threats In Ohio And Florida | NBC Nightly News

Ohio police raided the home of a 20-year-old suspect after an Instagram post from the self-proclaimed white nationalist showed him firing a gun and tagging a local Jewish community center. In Florida, a 25-year-old has been charged with making threats to commit a mass shooting after police obtained some of his text messages.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Police Thwart Mass Shooting Threats In Ohio And Florida | NBC Nightly News


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  1. These white folks getting crazier and crazier a white state already got all them

  2. Trump charges ..smh..charge him with making terroristic threats too dumbasses!!! Oh thats right hes WHITE SO THEY'LL JUST TAKE HIM TO BURGER KING TOO…SMH..

  3. It is time that we have a memorial built to remember all the victims of domestic terrorism and mass shootings, least we move all of our fallen too quickly to memory. The impact of such a memorial might move us as a country to reasonable action.

  4. ok problem with this..
    they didn't' thwart a threat.. he made the threat.
    also im glad they stopped him..

  5. Ssoooooo they are WHITE are the police going to say is "MENTAL ISSUES " or is plain HOME GROWN TERRORISM?!

  6. All these white boys smile and put on a "mentally ill" look for the cameras. Isn't that what everyone is supposed to say? Oh, he was mentally ill, that's why he shot up Jews. Yea right. It's called premeditation and these white Nazis know precisely what they're doing.

  7. PUBG people thinks… oh KAR98 😀 😀

  8. I would be fired if I worked at a gun shop. If a young man wanted to buy several high power military style weapons, plus unlimited ammunitions. Red flags would ring up all over my head, telling my boss I don't think we should sell this weapons to this guy. I can see my boss telling me, "it's not your job to question his motives, that's lost profit for our business". I tell him, "I'm refuse to sell it to him". He tells me, "Your fired".😒

  9. If you are going to commit a mass shootings, dont post about it online or tell people.

  10. Everyone who attended that rally should be under surveillance, good job officers

  11. Pokemon! Gotta catch em all! How many Manchurian candidates do you trigger each day Americaw?

  12. This is what happens when ppl just talk about It instead of being about it 😑

  13. Really? Look at this joker, this actor, smiling for his mug shot… who does that? He also looks possibly jewish. Does he know an "inside joke" we aren't supposed to know about? His duping delight smile indicates it. It's fake and staged. Who benefits from this? The corrupt, corporate government. They'll use this to justify "pre-crime" (thought-crime) legislation that will effectively destroy what's left of the first and second amendments.

  14. Pretty good looking for a wanna be mass shooter. In fact I'd do em.

  15. They are seeking their 15 minutes of fame from the 24/7 mass coverage. Stop the mass media coverage. The media provides these mental cases what they want.

  16. The past few shooters openly announced they wanted to be famous for killing the most amount of people.

    Idiots in the comment section: WHITE PEOPLE!

  17. One of those fine people Trumpnazi talks about.

  18. For life in prison, good job Ohio 🇺🇸👍

  19. White males between 18-30 should not own guns

  20. I'm a white guy… Abolish ALL Assault weapons ASAP!!!! 😠🤕

  21. At this rate, Mexico will help build the wall faster.

  22. Wait…you mean we can call and report a threat to police…without more Red Flag laws in place? Wow, we actually have that ability right now….Who would have ever thought it?

  23. I'm a white man and it's frustrated to see other whites doing this. Most of these people aren't mentally ill, just weak and wanting to lash out. They can't deal with their problems and so they think a gun is the answer. That's weakness.

  24. america doesnt need to be attacked by ISIS etc, trump has his own little soldiers doing the job for them.

  25. All I know is the ENDGAME IS HERE…August 20,2019…it's time to change the GAME !!!

  26. You forgot the treat in Connecticut kind of incompetent by NBC but overall this means nothing because US law enforcement have themself enabled US terrorism and international terrorism by for DECADES repeatedly and DELIBERATELY and by being WEAK labeled US MALE TERRORISM and EXTREMIST as “ It’s just somebody who has a mental issue “ It’s embarrassing and inexcusable and it has and is has had deadly consequences

  27. Nice 👍 Job to law enforcement , many lives saved

  28. Poor white boy ain't got no woman no job no friends" lock him up he'll be happy he'll have a place to stay a job and a hot meal, Spanish people be having two jobs too support their families and do the right thing and theses white boys want to be murderers

  29. I'm ashamed of what our country has become . This is what we produce in the way of young men???? This is the kind of atmosphere we breathe — violence and hatred and cruelty?? This is the kind of leader we want – ignorant and cruel and racist?? It is heart-breaking.

  30. What a duffus white supremacist groups keep encouraging members to be killed by police.

  31. trash news for the dayton shooter they didn't say his political views right away unlike this guy . BIASED

  32. Both of these people clearly had no intentions of shooting anyone. ADL-ran FBI at it again with the hate crime hoaxes. Gotta justify the budget somehow I suppose.

  33. They should compile all these videos and show them to the President, FOXNEWS(Tucker Carlson, Ingraham Sean Hannity and the Republicans) that these threats are not hoax but real. The next thing you'll hear as an excuse from the President, NRA, some Republicans and FOXNEWS is that all these people have mental problems. Gosh!!! God please come save America. Just so you anyone who read my post know. I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT, I happen to have conservative views and believe in humanity, but hating immigrants or none white people is not conservative.

    One of the past beloved Republican President Ranold Reagan was adored as the "perfect" spotless President but recently an audio surfaced with him and President Nixon spewing racism and racial slurs at Blacks and black African leaders. Point is they all profess they are not racist including the sitting President but only God fetch them out. By the to white Americans being a Republican or conservative is does not make you a Christian or give a pass to heaven so get ready to be judged like anyone else.

  34. lots of terrorist popping up.

  35. Not sure how to feel about this … arresting people for words. What's next, thought crime ? George Orwell warned us that this would come.

  36. What do you expect from Republican Ohio.

  37. Problem: WHITE CULTURE. Synagogues better get ARMED SECURITY and stop playing. Those who want a "home for White people " should be exiled to Antartica or somewhere in the far northern extremes. The planet is overwhelmingly NOT WHITE. If you want isolation, exit the planet.

  38. Like in the Zone, when your bad you get sent to the corn field! That's what he should get, no Return!

  39. White supremacy..dont wont address this.
    Just blame obama right fatass 45.

  40. Gonna be a couple days before we see the full broadcast.

  41. Wow, that's sad when people has that much hate in their heart and its fill with RACISM just because of someone color of their skin and religious beliefs. Anybody is a white supremacy has a mental problem of themselves not others.

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