Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Police uncover a cache of pipe bombs in a Florida home

A couple discovered the weapons in the bedroom of their 27-year-old daughter and called the police.


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  1. More proof of what the real face of terrorists look like in America.

  2. Are we gonna ban assault pellet guns now?

  3. The suspect is super but-fucked

  4. 15 years?? Lock her ass up 4life.. krazy he – she!🤣

  5. Sounds about white … and white folks share of black folks …smh

  6. We will never ban enough objects to cure anything objects can do without a person. Just try and ban stupidity. See how that works out.

  7. Typical mentally ill republican.

  8. Fake news. This is a stage psy-op.

  9. I DEMAND A GENDER REVEAL….yes of course it is a libtard leftist.
    ..no way thats a woman or any of the rest of the alphabet

  10. This is what happens when you coddle your kids way beyond the ADULT AGE of 18.

  11. WTF is up with Trump Supporters 😜?

  12. Lmao it's funny how bad the news can make u look. Then u realize it pellet guns and bombs without any fuses

  13. Trump's kids at it again

  14. Antifa liberal all over her face.

  15. Those orange silencers are illegal lol

  16. Joe Biden, like all democrats,
    is a lying, corrupt, power-hungry, money-hungry TRAITOR!
    Throw them ALL out of office!


  17. total leftist …sad delusional life and friends..

  18. Pellet guns? Toy bows? Were there actual explosives or simply pipes and screws?

  19. I could of had a great time with those devices. I would have blown up an old clothes washer or two, maybe a junk car, some dirt, some fire ants etc but no one would have gotten hurt.
    Some people don’t know how to have fun without hurting people. They need to be the things outlawed.

  20. So what law did she brake? owning weapons is not a crime. Maybe the pipe bombs is illegal?. But did she threat to bomb someone?. or kill people? Saying i wanna hurt people is not a crime?. I wanna hurt people all the time but i dont do it. the fact weather i have weapons should not mean shit?. i m just saying in another context that can be way wrong. Like " Local dad says watch your mouth ya lil shit or all slap you" Cops find he has 10 guns that COULD HAVE hurt a person.

  21. That poor girl's life has been forever ruined by some overreacting parents. Holy fuck, some screws in some pipes. What would this society come to if people could collect toy guns, books, and movies without law enforcement intervening? Thank the gods for the po-leece.

  22. Politicians are to blame! All of them! For decades! The family unit in America has been destroyed! Politicians gave the America I once knew to other countries at the expense of the people. For their egos, self gratification and power! I weep for America!

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