Sunday , January 17 2021
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Police union holds news conference in New York | USA TODAY

Police union holds a news conference regarding police reforms pending in New York.

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A new Washington Post-Schar School poll shows overwhelming national support for the protests prompted by George Floyd’s death last month. And that support is translating into change. New York’s Legislature has begun approving a series of measures aimed at police accountability.

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  2. You need to respect people’s rights

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  5. I Love the Police and would never want to live in a place where they did not exist !!! 🙂

  6. Police; for employment assessment, ensure applicants are of high intelligence and are decent people .

    For police officers (includes the chiefs & staff) periodic drug & alcohol testing. Also, drug and alcohol testing within 48 hours of any acts of violence (includes accidental discharge of firearm), motor vehicle accident (on and off-duty) and after 30+ days being off duty status (i.e., vacation, sick leave).
    Finally, for police officers (includes the chiefs & staff) limit hours on duty to ensure a well rested, clear-headed force (chief to be cognizant of other activities i.e., another job that can affect alertness and effectiveness).

  7. Time for every cop in America to go on strike. Let the idiot mayors and governors who have tied the hands of police see how they like it when total lawlessness reigns unopposed and what is left of their cities is burned to the ground and crime of all kinds surges.

  8. go eat shit union of gangs and killers

  9. By your take nothing's wrong… You as a 👮 and your partner 👮 do nothing wrong. It doesn't need to change it fine and it works. From your point of view.
    You hear it in his voice he knows they just fucked up. The ppl will not take it. The lost of there jobs is wht hurts the most.

  10. U forced us by killing for no reason.
    The unfair treatment of minorities. We are thinking clearly. Two sides are your the problem for unfair treatment of the ppl. The unfair killing of the ppl. Bad 👮 have ruined many life's. How fair is that.

  11. Fire them all and start with a new lot that way they do it right.
    Funny how now they feel like they being picked on or singled out. Hmmm. Wonder why.

  12. Don't he look like the Fonzie from the old as racist show.

  13. We protest the hate, the violence, the killing of minorities. Not the fact that we don't want you to do your job. In fact its because we want you to do your job correctly that we are here now. You are the problem when it comes to unfair treatment and unfair killings. Thk you for taking the time to understand. All life matters not just whites.

  14. This is the fight – the only real change will come when the public employee unions that create the school to prison pipeline – Teachers' unions, Police unions, and the Prison Guard unions. The unions will water down every piece of legislation, undermine the regulations process, and than kill what's left in their collective bargaining agreement.

  15. UNIONS is one of the major causes of police brutality..

  16. The same police are doing brutal things all over they deserve what they get

  17. I hope this conference will provide us a peaceful United States.

  18. He is full of BS! 💩💩 Cops in New York celebrate the killing of black people no matter the age and they have written songs about it. The cops in New York and around the country CAN NOT handle the fact that there behavior will no longer be tolerated! They will NO LONGER get away with the murder, beating up, and rapping our women and men plus children. Oh! Remind me again mister cop what state the rap of the black man happen it with the night stick again happen in? Oh, yeah! It was New York. The truth be told that New York cops are the WORST of the bunch and LA cops are right behind them with the brutality and murder of our people and now they want to whine about it because the spotlight is on them for their bad actions. Stop whining Mzungus and just admit what you have done and change your ways or quit your job before you are fired from it. The truth is the psychopath and white supremacists cops love to commit acts of violence against people. All the bad cops should be in jail.

  19. The criminal is you and all those standing behind you. Grotesque murderers legitimized and protected by the system.

  20. That policde union head guy is correct despite all of his rhetoric. Give it time and everything will go back to what it was. If not, chaos will rule forever.

  21. Police reforms such as banning choke-holds would be a great idea so long as black citizens are willing to keep up their end of the deal by NOT RESISTING ARREST.

  22. Why is Fonzi representing those White cops? So, 4 officers responded to George Floyds arrest. All 4 just happen to be "bad apples"? Hmmm. What are the odds of that? They must have been all of the bad cops in the entire state of Minnesota and coincidentally met up at the same location. Right. I bet after this inspirational speech those White officers are going to go out and crack open some heads.

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