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Police Use Of Force Sends Thousands To Emergency Rooms

Nationwide, at least 80,000 people are sent to the hospital each year after an interaction with law enforcement or security guards. An NBC News investigation with The Marshall Project looks at the San Jose Police Department, where over the past three years 43 percent of use of force incidents ended in a trip to the emergency room. 

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  1. Police put a 71 year old woman with dementia in the HOSPITAL!

  2. Start killing police. Not that hard…

  3. "Non Compliance!!!!" GTFO of here! The man has a right to freedom of speech! So he said "f@%k" that does NOT dictate a beating! He was well within his rights! Cops need to be PUNISHED! In MOST violent occurrences with police it is because THEY used force FIRST!

  4. I’m San Jose…lol what crime are you stopping like for it to be so expensive with those subpar apartments. I’m happy the techies are leaving hopefully they bankrupt that town

  5. Police departments across the country are loosing the respect of the people they are tasked to "protect & Serve" and for good reason. Thanks to Republicans, we are living in a police state.

  6. Nice.. yet more police brutality, Keeps on and on.. if this guy was white, never would have happened. (Fact.) Sue them.

  7. Here's a thought, turn the music down

  8. Police should be de-escalating these situations, but they don't. A majority of them don't even try.

  9. Snowflakes crying for attention

  10. If this is normal, then what is the difference between Russia police & China Police to San Jose Police because these Police in Russia and China are also doing the same in the name of Policing……

  11. Cops are and always will be are "enemies" when we cross "Their" line


  13. #DemetriusStanleyLIfeMattered #NoJusticeNoPeace SJPD should go to trial and be convicted for their crimes against citizens. They are not above the law.

  14. Yeah, use of force is always warranted with non compliance. Like pulling your gun on someone for doing 23 in a 20, ordering them out of their car and dropping a knee on their back.

  15. American's pay good money for these terrorist cops!
    If these cops work for us then why do we have to beg not to be abused?
    I mean that should be the basics

  16. Let's call 'a spade a spade'! The police force is populated with ruthless and dysfunctional individuals… it doesn't take much for them to lash-out and attack with minimal to no provocation!

    Their ranks need an overhaul… cuz they've abandoned their oaths (protect and serve)!

  17. Oh yahhhh. Who are you gonna call when the bad guys come.? Don't be biased. Let's see why these people get the police's full of attention.

  18. But if they were white things would have been different, just saying

  19. So if Idont like the people living next to me l just call the police hoping they will end up in hospital, and who pay that bill, l am a winner, and can enjoy calling police again and again

  20. google nathan scruggs memphis tn

  21. There' is literally no-way I'll ever trust a cop after they do this type of thing and then get right on camera and tell you 'it was an appropriate use of force'. I'd like to get these cops in a crowd of citizens that hate them and film the carnage. Then we can have a talk show about how it was 'necessary to the security of our democracy that these cops be culled'. the backlash from this type of criminal cop behavior will be massive and will get a lot of cops killed… Basically, you can't continue treating Americans like this if you wish to live.

  22. I'm not a criminal in any way and I feel uncomfortable immediately in the presence of a cop. Just the fact that the cop can do whatever he wants and get away with it because of qualified immunity rightfully scares me. I wonder how many people these criminal cops have abused…

  23. This cop is so full of BS – 'every use of force case we have is the result of non-compliance on the part of the citizen' – This criminal cop should be fired and investigated immediately, then sent to Gitmo and treated like a terrorist for a few years…

  24. Criminal cops abusing the public, as usual. These guys think they can do anything to anybody and then just laugh it off because they have qualified immunity. When people start shooting cops this will be why…

  25. Ashley Babbott was murdered by an eff be eye agent.

  26. This is so sad that people continuously get abused by law enforcement law. My prayers go out to this couple.

  27. The numbers are high because of Qualified Immunity and Police unions! Bottom line 😑

  28. "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

    (1 Samuel 15:3)

  29. That's BS, if you can't take an insult, you have no business being a cop.

  30. This is nuts – not EVERY incident is provoked by the victim!

  31. Trump's Economics created this… The Senates Impotence supports this…Just as Rome, The Politician's Kleptocracy Destroys Democracy.

  32. Why so shocked??? Blacks in Amerikkka been dealing with race soldiers for 100ths of years! Still wanna challenge de-fund blue ISIS thugs?!

  33. Lmao, good. Good to see ignorant people crushed by their ignorant public servants.

  34. Oh man. Gaslighting to the max.

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