Monday , November 30 2020
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Politicians React To Impeachment Announcement | NBC News

Members of Congress reacted to the announcement from Speaker Nancy Pelosi of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump.
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Politicians React To Impeachment Announcement | NBC News


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  1. Many "Politicians" have been "autoprogrammed" to "do specific actions" to "politically balance" anything they say for the "whole crowd", and anyone they are "over".

  2. Trump has been going to foreign leaders since before he took office! It is no surprise! He thinks he is above investigation and collusion. He has the "real world" confused with his TV personality where he sets up all the actors to perform to his direction. His lackeys go along with it because they have no strength of character and can only usurp from someone else. God help us find a person who can lead without Toadies.

  3. 2:16

    She didn’t.
    200+ members of Congress did.

  4. Nadlers been paying pocket pool with dem old wrinkled balls

  5. Wasn't Christopher Steel a foreign national!!

  6. Let loose the transcript, go from there

  7. This is GREAT!😃👍! It took Pelosi & Dems this long to get to this point! McCarthy better STFU, his time is coming very soon. He thinks that Dems won't exercise their power of over seeing Trump & Dems!

  8. If you're going to impeach the president then freaking do it.

    Quit saying you're gonna do this and that and at the end of the day you don't do anything.

    As much as I hate Trump and his policies I admire the fact that he's getting things done.

    Walk the walk or I'll vote Republican come 2020.

  9. Nancy and Chuck are certifiable!! People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!!

  10. Nothing will happen…the Dems are as useless as Trump.

  11. look how about getting real information first real facts and real circumstances..proof ..of something .FIRST…BEFORE JUST ACCUSING ANYONE….and surmising wrong doings ? trump won the election and alot of the politicians dont like the fact that they lost the election…they have in my opinion not done there jobs but only seek any reason to get the president out of there because they want the control…and all of the waisted time and effort by them always comes back on them to just make them look bad not trump..this biden thing is prime example why did bidons son get so much money ?and it will be proven where who and why that he got the money…so again this will only backfire on them again …so please continue the stupid accusations and lies as all of the investigations will show the real perpitrators and wrong doers…yes as pelosi said no one is above the law…so lets see how this goes ..
    and in the final stages of this it will never pass ….so why keep this retardedness up?they are trying in any way they can to put trump down .and now trying to convince people of wrong doings . right before the elections ..again trying to convert votes…to there side of things…it dont look good … and its not good for the usa… no matter what political side your on you were put in office by the people…and put there to do something for the people…there only duty so far seems to be going after trump in any and all means possible..not doing anything for the people like intended…so i say let your voice be heard … vote them out of office…period

  12. we're 18 months out from 2020 do we really want President Mike Pence ?

  13. Republicans too stupid to abandon ship! Trump will take you down too!

  14. Prophesied by the late Kim Clement (singing prophet) in 2014….They will shout "impeach, impeach."

  15. Apparently very few people watch NBC news.

  16. Ok how much is this going to cost ?

  17. Keep it up, doubt it will make it through the Senate. If it does say hello to President Pence.

  18. 🔱TRUMP IS ABOVE THE LAW 🔱 embrace Trump as your emperor.

  19. Trump is a traitor to the United States of America .

  20. Lmao
    All the trolls posting for Trump.
    I wonder how much this is costing Trump to pay for you all to post propaganda for him?

  21. This officially ends the criminal Dem party they need to be charged with treason and coup attempts!!!! Enough is enough they went off half cocked! Biden committed high crimes with Ukraine and china he needs to be punished for those crimes!

  22. The Democrats are desperate and pathetic.

  23. Ha Ha, impeach, what a JOKE!!!!

  24. Ok is the target here The Ukraine or is it 🇺🇦?I guess you are trying to get The Ukraine’s something( there is no country called The Ukraine it doesn’t exist ) to present something but if it’s The Ukraine that’s a non existent country it’s incompetent rubbish

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