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Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Gun Legislation | NBC News Now

A new Monmouth University poll shows that majority of Americans support banning the sale of assault weapons, but oppose a mandatory buyback program. NBC News’ Shannon Pettypiece explains how Congress may address the issue and where the White House stands.
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Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Gun Legislation | NBC News Now


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  1. Any poll by the liberal media is a lie, nothing they say is true.

  2. Make no mistake, the left does want to take your guns away. They will do it gradually. They will with small steps each of which is carefully crafted to seem rational by the average citizen. Slippery Slope. Here is their long term (10-15 year) plan:

    1. Implement a federal criminal law which prohibits private transactions or transfers of firearms without going through an FFL. This will be easily “sold” to the public based on the necessity and reasonableness of background checks conducted by the FFLs. It would be a federal crime for any person to sell, inherit, gift or transfer any existing firearm unless the transaction went through an FFL. (REGULATION)

    2. Implement a reporting requirement for all FFLs to send all transaction data to Washington. The ATF develops a federal data base containing all sales and transfers, which will include owner names, addresses and corresponding firearm serial numbers. The government will now know who owns all newly sold firearms as well as the existing (“used”) firearms which have been sold/ transferred. Again easily sold to the public under the notion that we need to know who has firearms to be able to monitor their mental state, crimes, etc. (REGULATION / INFORMATION)

    3. Provide federal funding to states to support and encourage their, “red flag laws” aka “risk protection orders” which deny Second Amendment rights based on factors leading to suspicion of potential wrongdoing. (BAN ON CERTAIN PEOPLE)

    4. Re-Implement the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. This version would be an expanded and beefed-up version of the law which was in effect from 1994 to 2004 and would outlaw the sale/ manufacture of new, “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines. (Existing firearms would be grand-fathered, for the time being, but see #6). (BAN ON CERTAIN NEW FIREARMS)

    5. Implement a federal gun registration and licensing requirement of all existing firearms in circulation as well as their owners’ names and addresses. Under this law, the Federal government will know who owns every firearm in the United States. It may also be required that any person in possession of a firearm must have an official license – like a driver’s license. Sold to the public under the idea that every gun owner must be trained/ tested for safety purposes. Failure to register your firearms or obtain a license could result in fines, jail and or firearm forfeiture if caught. (REGULATION / INFORMATION)

    6. Implement a federal criminal law which makes possession of so called “assault rifles” or “weapons of war” illegal as a federal crime – this would include all such weapons which are already lawfully owned and in circulation. At this point, the government would know the owner and location of every such firearm. Once the grace period for turn-in or “buy-backs” expired, federal agents, armed with automatic weapons and information gathered in steps #2 and #5 above, would begin knocking on doors or executing search warrants. Being caught in possession of such a specified firearm would constitute a federal crime and result in imprisonment. (BAN ON CERTAIN EXISTING FIREARMS).

    7. Continue to chip away at the types of firearms which are lawful to posses or own. Definitions of “assault rifles”, “high capacity magazines” and “weapons of war” would continue to expand.

  3. red flag laws let the government use your enemys to take your guns. If i hate guns and I know you have them I anonymously red flag you over the phone and the government happily take your guns, no legal way for you to get them back.

  4. So sick of politicians, esp. Democrats, talking about polls. Bc who needs politicians at all? Why not just use polls? Anyone can read polls…it doesn't take a politician. Just don't get rid of the 1,103 people in Iowa who are "randomly" selected by Democrat pollsters who of course have no agenda at all. /s

  5. What they dont tell you is that 2,000 out of about 350,000,000 people in this country voted in their poll which is not representative of the population.

  6. Our little boy arrogant Rachel Maddow, NBC and MSNBC Sued For $10 MILLION By OANN!

  7. Majority Of Americans Support Gun Legislation?   Seems we already have so called Gun Legislation, Every time that I have purchaseda gun of any sort, I have been ran thru an American FBI background check system. However… what the leftists are seeking is one of two things here.Hitler style Gun Confiscation.. as like Hitler and his SS Socialists went door to door in Europe Dis Arming the Jews, so they had no form of protection.Or they seek Complete and utter weapon Registration, as Stalin used against the Jews. Either way, The goal by the left is to register Americans, Or steal from the AmericansThe exit goal is utterly to remove YOUR US Constitutional RIGHTS So do what I did, Renew your NRA membership or get an NRA membership

  8. If most Americans supported gun control,politicians would have know problem passing it. Politicians know these polls are full of crap.

  9. I considered selling my weapons "back" to the government, but
    after a background check and thorough investigation into the buyer, I
    determined the buyer has a history of violence and mentally unstable. Big risk
    to the general population.

  10. Are these the same polls that said Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election?

  11. Not having background checks everywhere guns are sold is just stupid. Yes, one can purchase most any type of weapon without a background check -for those that don't know.Gun owners that don't have their guns secured are just stupid and should be prosecuted if anybody is caught using their registered gun for any reason if they are not with them.  Any person caught with a gun that wasn't registered to them should be prosecuted if the registered owner is not with them. At least these could be a good start to helping…and better than just trying to arm everybody.

  12. please Americans help us !! a 23-year-old Italian girl speaks !! I ask you for help … in Italy our government is destroying us! our politicians with germany are doing a real dictatorship! the people are against this new government but the parliamentarians are voting for themselves! help us disperse the news! we are really angry

  13. I am the majority and this is a lie..  ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: COME TAKE , try that is..

  14. RE: gun control……………..And the horse you rode in on.

  15. All dem gun haters need do is simple. Name a gun safety law that only affects criminals. It is clear dem gun haters cannot name one! There is one reason and only one reason to own a so called assault weapon. It is my right!

  16. Always need to claim vast support of the citizens by quoting a poll, Just like polls said Hillary would win in landslide. Most media types and gun control advocates don't know what an "assault rifle" is. Mandatory buyback is confiscation and is unconstitutional on multiple levels. More people killed by hands and feet, blunt objects, knives and medical malpractice that any rifle. 2nd Amendment is not subject to mob rule.

  17. "Most Democrats back both a ban on future assault weapons sales (86% support and 12% oppose) and a mandatory buyback program for currently owned assault weapons (69% support and 25% oppose)." —

    Top 5 reasons Leftists say you should turn in your rifles:

    5) "No one needs a fully automatic assault rifle."
    4) "If you're FOR gun rights then you're FOR dead kids."
    3) "You can't hunt with an [insert name of rifle]!"
    2) "The Second Amendment only covers muskets!"

    and finally, as of 2019:

    1) "If you don't give up your guns we're going to send men with guns to shoot you."

  18. I never did any poll.. "Majority of Americans" You mindless beasts.. Military isn't going to aim for the long fight with gun owners you know.. They are on the stance that the barbarians are outside watching, and the only fastest end they see to refocus on those barbarians is? Yeah.. You people are going to make morality subjective for the survival of the nation. Congrats! You're being SETUP..

  19. America Demands Common Sense Gun Control!

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