Poll says Trump leads over DeSantis in GOP presidential primary

NBC’s Steve Kornacki reports on Trump’s wide lead on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the GOP presidential primary, just ahead of DeSantis’ presidential bid announcement.

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  1. Dems are hoping Trump is nominated. Cannot wait to see this dude lose. Either to De Satan or Biden, he will destroy himself. If you love him, let him go peacefully.

  2. A possibility is a Trump/DeSantis Card. Selling the hope that DeSantis will be the next President after Trump and will continue what Trump Will Do.

  3. Trump 2024 Desantis 2028

  4. I like trump but he also lies a lot .

  5. Trump 2024 All The Way ! 🦅🇲🇽

  6. Did Democrats forget that they called us a cult? Never underestimate the loyalty of a Trumper. Ron DeSantis had a chance to become president in 2028…. He just threw it in the trash by angering the real Republicans.

  7. Why people liles to fall into the pass mistakes again?

  8. Sad for GOP. A candidate who unite America and move the country forward with prosperity is not the agenda of MAGA. A MAGA candidate is to create chaos and infuriate the LEFT. That candidate is Donald J Trump all the way. De Satan is over. Perhaps next time. And Donald will not win the general election. MAGA are not enough to elect Donald.

  9. Kornacki is a national treasure and should be protected like the Constitution

  10. its embarrasing the only republican candidates to vote for are trump and trump 2.0.

  11. As long as we get rid of the communist democrats out of our government.

  12. those 2 idiots will be running mates just watch

  13. Desantis would be so much better than Trump. Even if you don’t like his policies at least he’s competent. Trump is dangerous

  14. Im voting for either trump or Ron

  15. DeSantis is obviously the best Presidential candidate to come along in many years. Democrats and Trump have good reasons to fear him.

  16. Does Mike Pence really think he stands a chance after selling out Trump during the Jan 6 protest or like the woke Media calls it, a so-called, "insurrection". 😂😅🤣

  17. More candidates in the Primaries helps Trump, but I do think it will consolidate come February. I also think DeSantis gets more backing by the big money over Trump. I think the margin between Trump and DeSantis closes by another 10% by the end of June. Mabey even more.

  18. If you really believe these fake polls, it is a good time to reconsider. Read 'The True Believer' by Hoffman! It was the first book that freshman Joirnalism students read in college many years ago.

  19. Trump was an excellent president but now we need someone to can show self control and get things accomplished for the country. I’m sad he attacks DeSantis for no reason and defends Disney.

  20. Check the 2024 red and blue 24 is blue that’s mean democrats will win wait and watch

  21. Criminal vs Zealot. Decisions, decisions.😅

  22. If DeSantis manages to squeak by and win the nomination at the cost of his monkey paw wish, Humpty will not concede. Humpty will still run and split the vote.

  23. This freaking great. Unfortunately, I would have to vote Dem. I really wanted to vote Republican. I hope DeSantis runs.

  24. I don't care who wins. Trump and DeSantis are both good options compared to any possible democrat candidate

  25. I hear "polls" for so many years now. Where are these polls and where does someone go to fill out these polls?

  26. Only person worse than Trump is DeSantis.

  27. Be careful what you wish. For an incumbent to lose after 1 term would require an even more significant downturn in the country. It took COVID to oust Trump. I’m simply saying the country will be in an even worse position to oust a 1 term president. Much much worse than now.

  28. Trump for prison in 2023

  29. Even if you add up all the other candidates polling percentages and add them to DeSantis, Trump still wins by a ~15% margin. And, a surprise showing by one of the others would be like 10% polling tops, so I think the chances for an alternative to Trump being selected is quite low.

  30. DeSantis is just a smarter version of trump, which makes him even more dangerous.

  31. A Traitor and Meatball…the GOP sure enjoys losing.

  32. The current Republican Presidential Primary Candidates polling in the single digits can still stick with it until the first few Republican Primaries are done. After that, these Candidates will simply have to drop out due to the lack of campaign funding. Thier second option would be as a possible Vice-Presidential pick for the remaining two Candidates.

  33. DeSantis botched his announcement for president. Just goes to show that DeSantis is not a man of details. Just another hack politician. TRUMP 2024.

  34. Trumpo will NOT NOT NOT be at the debates = 100% loss to Desantis.

  35. 🤬 Donald Trump Spreading HIV and Other Deseases in our Communities 🤬