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Pompeo on Bolton: The president is entitled to the staff he wants

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin address global terrorism and former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s departure.

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  1. Bolton isn't a bad man, he is an American hero who has served honorably for his entire life. His methods and tactics don't jell with the president's agenda so it's a good time to call it a done deal and maybe buy himself a ranch. He deserves a comfortable place to enjoy and celebrate a brilliant career. Best wishes old warrior.

  2. WoW! Great News! 12 terrorist leaders are going to fail! Counter-Terrorism Executive Order 13224 adding clauses to allow DOS and DOT target…terrorist groups…people who fund terrorist groups…-listen-up George Soros,…! Bye-bye Bolton-Americans want peace-not $ making war deals! As usual, some reporters are still… rude and ignorant! Yikes!

  3. Somewhere around 1:45, Stephen Miller says they're going to stop paying Talib and Omar a salary?

  4. So Obama and HRC should be sanctioned

  5. lsrael regime and USA government should also be included in the terrorist list. The top 2 in the list.

  6. I hate these demons…..nothing worse than the press pool spreading fiction and fantasy.

  7. Bolton: It was due to the Cucuta-Colombia concert against Venezuela and Maduro, that ridiculed Trump and all his allies in America and Europe as they turned out to be the REAL terrorists.

  8. Trump likes to get differing opinions and he knew that he wouldn't agree with Bolton on most things when he hired him, but those differing opinions are so stupid and without justification. There was no further use for Bolton and I'm sure a lot of people up top were just done listening to his garbage.

  9. Pompeo is another neocon war monger

  10. Rude rude reporters. Yes POTUS is allowed to choose his team.

  11. First eliminate Ghasem Soleimani leader of foreign force of islamic republic , We would be happy to eliminate him. Patriot Iranian.

  12. Pompeo and Mnuchin handled that very well!!

  13. Re the NEW Exec Order,, AWESOME! Re John Bolton, adios,, FIRED

  14. What about Antifa…they need to be declared a terrorist group. They are destroying our nation.

  15. go Trump go!!! keeping greater America on and on!!!

  16. Will Munchkin's cake hole ever heal?

  17. Pompeo and Munchkin are both next. lol

  18. Well, the media is allways wanting to be running the country, but that job is handled by the POTUS. Thank God !

    We have been needing a real manager for decades and now that we have compentance in Trump, roles are being optimized as they should be.

    These positions are not roles for 9-5 hours and a gold watch when they retire. I'd say that managing an administration is alot like football team; remember the Bears 1986 Super Bowl ? Remember how it turned out ?

  19. Why dose YouTube shove fox videos down my throat????

  20. Can we target people like John Kerry who went to Iran to undermine our president?

  21. And yet we can’t even get the terrorist out of Congress that is literally a member.

  22. The press reflects how rude our society has become. They don’t want to hear the truth and will push their agendas even when false.

  23. Trump should fire Pompeo – another warmonger – then hire Tulsi Gabbard for Secretary of State.


  25. When is ANTIFA going to be recognized as a terrorist organization?

  26. World War 3 no matter what we're too far deep into it already!! There's No Escape now !! as the Bible prophecy said it would be in scriptures!! everything's coming into place!! Get right with God before it's too late!!

  27. What we need to do is track down and Completely Exterminate Those Responsible for the Conception, Planning, and Financing of any terror activities, both past and present… as well as the ones who actually carry those plans out.

    We need to stop treating the symptoms, and move to eradicate the disease at it's root.

    we Will have to take a Much Closer Look at those benefit from terrorist activities, (No Matter Where That Leads) because they are the ones that are Responsible for the Conception, Planning, and Financing of those terrorist activities.

    (the ones that are Ultimately Responsible for the Perpetuation of those Tactics)

    Many of you Will NOT Like where this leads… but there is where You Have A Choice To Make.

    Are you willing to do what Needs To Be Done ??? (or at least stay out of the way of those that are)

    or are you willing to accept that one day those terrorist acts could likely take the life of Someone You Love?

    The choice is up to You.


  28. I used to love listening to Bolton on many subjects but never wanted him in the WH as he is a war monger

  29. Timing couldnt hav been more perfect..israeli elections in a week..ballston gone and bibi's going ba..ba bye..

  30. The President needs to pick some fresh military blood not Washington swamp things.

  31. Isis screwed up… Trump is on the case!

  32. Balls'ton was netayahu's pimp..good riddance

  33. His next move should be to get rid of this swamp creature. Pompeo is a carbon copy of Bolton. Both are zionist warmongers.

  34. America First! Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  35. War !!! That's what Bolton craves.

  36. The President is not "entitled" to anything; entitlement, he wreaks with. But the American people are entitled to a sane, rational, non-race baiting, non-divisive, honest and fair President who does not obstruct justice or tear down the very institutions that make democracy breathe, function, and actually work FOR US, THE PEOPLE. STOP THE LIES

  37. I am always happy when Trump fires one of these Bush left overs who get us in wars no one tries to win.

  38. Trump knows that to be successful you must surround yourself with good people.

  39. The left are war mongers not only other countries with the middle class Christians and we are upset over Bolton? Really? For God sake they are terrorist! Geez wake up already!

  40. Let's adopt public stoning. . This guy can be first.

  41. One of the best decisions he ever made. Sack a warmonger

  42. Trump got into the white house via the Republican ticket he is a deal maker and Bolton's assignment is rectified and satisfied.

  43. I wonder what rep. Omar has to say about this?

  44. How telling. When a Republican president sees fit to go to war, the Left is pacifistic. When a Republican president tries to avoid war, the Left goes hawk. The Left again exposes its party-over-nation intentions.

  45. 'The ISIS flag.', wrong you twit that is the flag of Sunni Muhammadans.

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