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Pompeo on China threat, Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discusses a Hong Kong public broadcaster warning against calling Taiwan a country and the U.S., German deal on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

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  1. Hasn't the US spent 40% of the combined military budgets of the world,
    but the Pentagon still indicate to Congress they need to increase the military budget by $7 billion
    and send US troops to the Pacific to 'encircle' China.

    Isn't “Cold War and zero-sum mentality” that leads to obsessive military superiority?

  2. Imagine if Afgh*n*st*n had invaded a country for 20 years
    tried to transform it but built nothing
    destroyed and killed 47,000 innocent civilians.
    Then fled in the middle of the night
    leaving behind millions of dollar worth of military equipment
    and abandoned all its allies as it went.

    Doesn’t that country’s withdrawal exposed the hypocritical face of it
    forcing its so-called 'freedom, democracy and human rights’ on others
    and push for regime changes around the world
    has led to conflict, war, terrorism, refugees?

    But at the cost about 2 trillion US dollars
    and more than 2,000 US soldiers' lives,
    thousands coming home with mental health
    that country just could not handle it.
    Isn’t it a portrayal of the current decline in the US' national strength?

    But we’re expected to believe that country has accomplished the mission
    and they should get some credit for ‘ending the war’.

  3. The decline of th USA, no matter what they do, change is coming. The east is uniting, Russia, China and the Stan countries. Next to be swallowed is Eastern Europe, then Europe. The UK will have to decide if it is going to support the USA. Seems the top spot in the world is up for grabs, no more printing of money as we pleases. Poverty and working for your dime like the rest of the world does. Looks like the US is in for a world of pain.

  4. If it's bad for America the left is for it.
    Our weakness will be exploited by those on the rise.
    History has demonstrated that enemies will test you, particularly when you are busy self-destructing.
    Obama is getting his wish. To fundamentally change America.

  5. Putin exposed US Record of human rights violations in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.
    ‘The most of the cyber-attacks that happen in the world come from the US, not from Russia.’

    He pointed out the arrest on the attack on Capitol hill,
    that they were expressing their personal point of view too but now they’re in prison.

    What country was the one who PULLED OUT of five agreements, the Paris Accord, TPP, INF treaty, NAFTA and Iran deal?
    Can any country withdraw from treaties any time they want if they’re as powerful as the US?

    He said US has done everything that he has been accused of.

  6. "Russia invades Ukraine at the same time as China attacks Taiwan"
    – Isn't that nothing more than wishful thinking?

    "One of the basic lessons of foreign policy is that you don't march on Moscow, and you do not bluff Beijing.
    If you do, your bluff is always, at some point, going to be caught."

  7. Imagine if Australia will say “What will Russia do when Spain takes Barcelona? ”

    This is how absurd the US position is
    about Taiwan being part of China that the US has recognised since 1949.

  8. ‘It may be dangerous to be America's enemy, but to be America's friend is fatal.’ said Henry Kissinger

    Bitter Zelensky complains US has betrayed Ukraine on the Russian pipeline.

    Now the penny's begun to drop for Ukraine, Taiwan and Australia that, actually, after having beaten the drums for another war

    both Germany and Russia and China and Russia will be working more closely together.

    China-EU go ahead with the Investment Agreement

  9. Joe biden is showing signs of dimentia,and should be removed for the good of the union.

  10. Maria & Pompeo look very stressed , what happened?

  11. Biden is not into Putin's pocket as some have suggested. Instead, he is trying to split the Russian-Chinese alliance while at the same time appeasing Germany thus bringing Germany even closer to the US.

  12. Saludos cordiales atodos

  13. They're dumping their dirty waters on the sea

  14. Puppet envoy Hunter Biden bought these deals years ago.

  15. Give up America you've lost the battle……

  16. These Cornhole woke FUBAR people are trying to "impeach" USA.

  17. Let me explain it to you.
    CHINA PAID OFF HUNTER AND JOE. It's plain as day.
    The border?? CARTELS Paid The DNC Off during the campaign … Fundraisers in Mexico City.

  18. All business with China must cease. It may hurt now, but if it is not done, it will hurt even more innthe future.

    But cutting off all trade with China almost guarantees war.

  19. Pompeo would be an AWESOME President.

  20. Churchill was right. Germany should’ve stayed as 2. They are terrible allies. The worst.

  21. Taiwan has had a democracy with USA since the 1950’s, we also brought doctors and educators and fashion and building requirements
    And businesses there to Taiwan
    The beauty of enriched lives
    To grow with USA has been
    A value priceless in the policy
    Of USA brought to Taiwan , while
    Taiwan incredible increase of
    Success and successful lengthy
    Education and businesses
    Which help the Taiwan nation
    Growing with USA
    Taiwan has enormous influence
    With many countries to help
    Them grow, where tourism and
    Education , businesses , while
    Growing thousands of businesses
    Continue to grow.
    The respective growth with
    Taiwan is our duty and our
    Help helpfully to help them
    Continue growth in business
    And with fashion and green
    The loving people of Taiwan
    I wish to Thank you continuously
    With your goodness and your
    Deep finance and businesses
    We have with you amongst
    All the years since the 1950’s…
    Our prayers of health and healing
    And loyalties are with you and
    Your countless giving to build
    With USA and the children whom
    Witness these difficulties are in
    A whirlwind of course, where we
    Continue to be with you and
    Achieve all expectations for
    A community of wealth and diversity
    As well as athleticism as a track
    Record of policies we continue.
    Your policies to continue to help
    With your support besides designs
    Some have in other direction,
    Hither thither, on the mantle….
    We are your team member
    In Peace and Peaceful Relation
    Relationship of life and liberty
    Success and contrived efforts
    My generation has always told
    Me of success where we share
    With you to develop and grow
    Rivers and canals to be built
    To provide a better balance
    And watch the education to
    Help grow innovation and innovative
    Materials , to protect the protective
    Financial and trades, tradesman
    Experts show the ethics deepen
    The support and value we committed to the agreements
    Integrate to keep the plenitude
    Integrity of finance capital we
    Continue to grow ….
    Healthy advisory and Healthy
    Knowledge of atmosphere conditions affect everyone
    All over the world 🌎

    Our continuous virgin changes
    Of our planet 🌎 continue with
    Cosmology changes, as monsoons
    And sea changes contrive these
    Seacaptains document these
    Over thousands of years, data points
    Indicative bring initiatives we love
    To bring together with you in
    Forums among balance , dialogue,
    Conversation at your policy
    Or bipartisan approach to help
    Us grow a healthy tomorrow
    With health conditions to let.
    Let’s be sure to be better, bettering
    New business 👩‍💼 and new health
    Business for you, and green countryside…

  22. USA is a declining power. All it has now is sanctions. Sadly the world has moved on with or without USA. Welcome to win/win cooperation and shared future. Unilateral dictatorship of the United states is over. Like a mighty Roman empire. It's now the dustbin of history. Ask dr Ben Carson of the United states for confirmation. Or better still read the history books on the rise and fall of empire.

  23. Lol 2 of the most ignorant people in America on one screen!

  24. – Biden removed Yemeni Houthis from terrorism list!

    – Houthi militants targeted al-Thawra High School in the Jabal Murad area with an Iranian regime ballistic missile!.

    Yemeni Information Minister Muammar al-Ariani said the Houthi move was a continuation of the terrorist group's destructive policy of destroying Yemen's infrastructure, including schools, universities, health centers, roads and bridges in various provinces.

    He called on the international community, representatives of the UN and the US in the country to condemn the regular targeting of Houthis against civilian infrastructure.

    He also called for the Houthis to be included in the list of terrorist groups.

  25. Amazing that people still are eating what this "we lie, we cheat, we steal" man are craping down their throats. No wonder the US is imploding.
    Once the truth about Fort Detrick comes out then game over. The US will never be trusted again.

  26. Its a shame we wont do anything if ccp invade or when we will not go to ww3. 4 it


  28. Or State Colleges that have 5000 of China students in Penn State College alone!

  29. All of those seemingly innocuous things China is doing: removing Taiwan from maps changing it to China. Removing Taiwan’s president from any reports or news. Flying over Taiwan with war planes…. Constantly. China will invade…. No doubt. They will do it in the next year or two. Joe China Buyme and the Chinese sympathizers in congress (both houses and both parties) will do nothing.

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