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Pompeo: Reports of CIA removing spy from Moscow ‘inaccurate’

In 2016, during the height of Russia’s interference with the U.S. election, a key CIA asset was in danger and the agency extracted him and his family, according to media reports.


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  1. I have a feeling this will become a movie one day.

  2. How about the CIA remove the old spy from the Oval Office 😤👀

  3. So why does the US media, that spreads war propaganda for the USA, turn against a 'US asset'? It doesn't make sense. Planting such a story in the news would make things very difficult for a Russian asset living in the USA that might have diplomatic immunity.

  4. Pompeo "says so". If anyone believes a word coming out of this admin at this point it might be time to take them into protective custody so they don't hurt themselves or others

  5. Keep beating that dead horse NBC .

  6. Fake news! The spy was actually an undercover fart with sprinkles

  7. So wait… both sides confirmed that this thing wasn't true… yet you're reporting this particular narrative? I'm not one of those fake news guys… but come on.

  8. Shocking…Finally ABC NETWORK is reporting real news instead of trying to put our president down for a change.
    Now doesn’t that feel better ABC to report real news instead of making up bad news about the greatest president we have had in decades? Thank you again ABC!
    MAGA 2020 and beyond!

  9. For anyone out there unaware, check out the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2013. It replaced the Smith-Mundt Act which banned propaganda (aka fake news) and allows for propaganda. Oh, and it gave billions of taxpayer dollars to these companies so they could continue to spread their leftist lies.

    They all should hang.

  10. Liberals making up stories again more fake news

  11. Well when rump tweets his name picture home address shoe size dick size and every other classified intelligence detail we'll know for sure

  12. There is no source for this fake story. Media determined to make it harder for US to employ spies effectively – for ratings, and to lie about Trump.

  13. Wait, you mean that cnn was wrong ? Again ? What will they try next ?

  14. Trump snitched on the spy. We will know who is when Putin has him killed.

  15. All they're doing is trying to cover up the stupid ass mistake that their president made by opening his fat mouth and endangering people's lives

  16. Fake News are obsessed with lying about President Trump and his administration even at the risk of peoples lives!

  17. So cnn lied and abc is repeating that lie. How low can abc get! What BS!

  18. Hey right. You can’t Spy and think your going to live and tell about it. I’m sure we do the same

  19. Putin is levels ahead as a president than Trump will ever be

  20. CNN really needs to be banned.

  21. The spies life is in danger because he leaked classified information to CNN and CNN is doing all of this to cover up his actions for his safety all in the meanwhile blaming Donald Trump and claiming that Donald Trump some out Force this guy to come into the CNN building and describe secret information about Russia so that CNN could try to blame it on Trump

  22. US doesn't need spies. ttump trust putin to tell him everything.

  23. CNN outed our spy.
    No Russian will trust us again.

  24. bs story…not factual at all…sloppy journalism.

  25. TRUMP won in N.C. last night!!! Lol… Dems keep LOSING!!! TRUMP keeps winning!!!

  26. They all spy on each other. Is this something new? Every government is corrupt.

  27. Stupid media causing American soldiers in danger

  28. This is Valerie Plume on steroids.

  29. Imagine that – more Fake News from Fake News.

  30. I knew it, trump is just corrupting America. First bringing the people that are responsible for 9/11 to American soil then the election what’s next war!!! WE NEED TO STOP IT NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE

  31. Didn't the CIA said this was false and misguided , why are they still pushing this.
    Trump wasn't even in office when they started to extract the spy from Russia , all this happend under the Obama administration

  32. Trump is working with Russia 💯

  33. Is the news anchor in an airport lol

  34. Putin and Pompeo-Who you gonna believe? Of course we all know that Pompeo is a fucking liar.

  35. some of the apostles looked like they could be white people…..

  36. pulp fiction, you russians think that the ark of the covenant and holy grail are real???? they are not real…. and if they were the real things they wouldnt do anything…. they wouldnt work….. holy grail the cup that jesus used was never saved and it woldnt glow or do anything…… like the shroud of turin there is nothing special about it….. nothing spiritual, metaphyiscal would happen with it…….

    it is not jesus…… thats a white dude on that shroud.

  37. ABC and CNN have now put other intel people in Danger, ABC and CNN should be taken off the air…If you see anyone of these reporters, get in their faces …Any woman that has been harrassed by these networks, it is your duty to report it

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