Saturday , January 16 2021
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Pompeo slams US universities for Chinese ties

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused univerisites in U.S. to caving to Chinese money, FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence reports. #FoxBusiness

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  1. The biggest lies are those that you tell yourself Pompeo

  2. Pittsburg State University in Kansas is one of of the sellouts. Lots of Communist Chinese students there.

  3. Chinese spy everywhere 👀 😍
    Is Chinese culture

  4. He knows that CCP commie is dangerous


  6. because Chinese lockdown their city saved people! and we didn't , we don't want lose, so blame Chinese! make things look better!

  7. Your life is what you make it. So, don't blame others when you screw up

  8. Heaven knows where our great country will go under the Democrats and Biden, Harris…too far left, and in bed with China I predict…

  9. 2020 – Down in history as the year republiKKKans tried to overthrow DEMOCRACY.

  10. Hypocrisy at it's best. All of Trump's ties are made in China. Suits too.

  11. Uh, Mikie, you need to start packing and I don’t mean your gut with food.


  13. Obamagateobamagateobamagate is our cry tell your friends///nbcabccnncbsccp won’t /// Biden is a traitor to America

  14. Trump Killed over 200k America Great

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  16. Where was this POS HYPOCRITE Slamming Ivanka for her CHINESE PATENTS and The Orange POS Bank Account????
    OH what about when his Boss that he sucked his ball sweat everyday, claimed CHI WAS A GREAT MAN???

  17. Wake up America, we are being taken over, bit by bit. The virus, the election, the Biden's, senators that don't stand united. The dishonest House on and on, all these things take away our 'will' to stand up for our guaranteed rights according to the Bill if Rights and the Constitution.

  18. Canadian universities are no different. Proprietary and intellectual property funneling steady out of Canada. China is a major contributor to Canadian universities and they are full of Chinese students here on temporary visas. For Pete's sake, Huawei is the major sponsor of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. Not Rogers, Not Bell…..Huawei!

  19. Communist have been influencing naive academics since the mid 1920's. Who do you think is pushing evolution in schools it's the atheist and the Soviet Union was called the fortress of atheism. Why did none of the other presidents do anything about this until Trump? Now they are looking to steal our wealth through the Paris Climate Accord which is a lot easier than trying to conquer us.

  20. The American universities are indoctrinating our children with socialism that's why we have a communist problem in the Democrats today, the ccp are invading American institutions like universities. America must secure our sovereignty and teach our children about American exceptionalism

  21. We need to stop china only our president Trump' has the Balls(Don't VOTE in the Georgia election support our president Trump')

  22. Trump said that China loves him, he even gave them credit on how they handled the VIRUS. Since Pres. Biden won now China get's no love. China will always play America on their addiction to GREED, look how they played former Pres. Trump.

  23. This Biden scandal is nothing compared to the current administration scandals currently still being done.

  24. Trump paid more taxes to China than he did to the US. And they’re still talking about Hunter Biden…

  25. Trump will win in the name of Jesus Christ! In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, AMEN.

  26. So let me summarize this, Universities are corrupt and are working for China according to this news report. What does that mean for U.S. higher education system?

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