Monday , January 18 2021
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Pompeo: We're no longer going to tolerate a nonreciprocal behavior from China

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo holds a press conference at the State Department.

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  1. Spain found covid-19 in their waste water sample from March 12th, 2019. Fairfax county, Virginia retirement homes had pneumonia spread last June.

  2. He’s such a fat idiot. Just blame China for everything. It’s the trump virus!

  3. The more I see/listen to Mike Pompeo, the more like him. KuDOS to Pres. Trump for getting him. Don't want any vaccine from Gates or anyone else. Want no tracing. It's no ones business what I'm doing. Let's start an impeachment hearing against Pelosi and her deep state minions. Sto the ban, stop the masks, stop the social distancing, we know the plannedemic is a hoax. Don't buy from China. Buy USA/UK. TRUMP 2020 KAG

  4. I say we Americans boycott all this with this trademark:: Made in China!! Especially boycott anymore made in China viruses. Let's not forget as Americans that China for years ago was not just dealing with SARS2 or Coronavirus they also had the Ebola like viruse or Coadaviruse and let's keep guards up for so far we been lucky in a way but for how long who knows. Secondly the CCP government of China last few years had agricultural mishaps and they presecuting religions, and peoples and presecuting God or fire Budda and I predict in next few years China agriculture industry is going too suffer worst and furthering fracturing their stability even with rejecting food staples trade with forienge nation will hurt them even worst and America needs too be patient for we will get an upper hand on China but let's not leave ourselves vulnerable for anymore of their pleague's or be fools for their agressive posturing in buying up America's infrastructure of economy like corporations or technology sectors or China great spy networks or intellectual property theft. For we all must not forget China not a friendly foe but a conquering economic agressive entity posturing too control our society and trying to further weakening America economic stability and development. They are enemies and not friends too our nation and we should keep that under our breath. God bless America and hope he watches over his Americans for in China they presecuting pricks too all religion, spiritual people and presecuting good Lord also at the same time and they will be punished we will see agricultural mishaps next few years. And hope no more viruses from China for Coronavirus is just a third time they accidentally purposely gave the world and too us Americans and this one has 1 in every 5 Americans sick suffering or knows someone who died like love ones or friends.


  6. Yes, it was no accident. The virus was deliberately released into the world by China.

  7. I love Pompeo because he puts extra evil into Evil American Empire. I can't live without his, one of a kind, psychopathic smile, he-he.

  8. That should have been done many years ago ,sir ! Down side of Global Economy and insatiable appetite for profit by Wall Street,as some quarters have been pointing out for decades already. Let's guard our high-tech inventions & RD ; no more transfer of technology that can be copied and optimized by countries determined to undermine the United States & freedom-loving nations of the world!

  9. Xi Jing Ping lacks reciprocity in RESPECT.
    although China has 5000 year history, they lagged very much in culture.

  10. Pompeo is a better speaker than his Boss

  11. Chinese funded mainstream media, universities and politicians are finally feeling the fight back 👍

  12. They was obeying Our orders Iran and Russia are to help My Venezuelan kids. Who is pompeo to starve my kids at all? Democracy is no solution to anything. Look at the colossal idiocy in Washington DC. Democracy provides my kids illness no more.

  13. We should not have been trading with Communist Stalinist China.

  14. Best he apply for presidents job , he’s on the ball.

  15. Pompasshole get out of Venezuela. You don't belong .

  16. Thank you Secretary of State Pompeo. You are doing a awesome job. God bless you and God bless the Trump Administration. God bless United States of America.

  17. We do need a liar like Mike Pompeo for show bottom line of human integrity to the world.

  18. I wonder if Pompeo understands that most Americans don’t believe a word he says. Regime change wars that he disguised in a flag of democracy. These people are sick.

  19. Very well said by mr Pompeo.

  20. 😂 Stop talking, fight China if you have enough power

  21. Hahaha, no need to threaten,just do it to China. China is ready for whatever the USA can do.


  23. Usa have a good team with mister pompeo

  24. Afshan Shaikh is one of those Indian Anti-China propagandist proposing that people should buy from Pakistan, Sri-lanka & India .

  25. Time to hold these treasonous individuals accountable for their atrocities against the American people & those poor 3rd country nations that are literally starving as a result.

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