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Ponting discusses DRS controversies at The Oval

Ashes-winning captain Ricky Ponting takes a look at the contentious dismissals of David Warner and Matthew Wade on Friday and discusses whether or not Hot Spot should become mandatory in international cricket


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  1. Real question is, why is Australian management so stupid to win the toss and bowl first. What a utter nonsense descion. Now England will beat them despite retaining the ashes. This Aussie side is below average to the dominant Aussies of the past

  2. You never see Ricky Ponting and Martin Freeman at the same time….

  3. My observation is before the start of champions trophy 2017 till now, the UMPIRING is below standing. ICC should take steps to revive the quality of umpiring

  4. Ponting : Oh Jesus! I still don't believe how the technology would go against me back in the days when I used to take those fine one bounce catches.

  5. Get back true cricket umpire is right even when wrong.but can rectify with his own discretion to rectify a wrong in favour of next batsman.or bowler .get rid of drs .and a million replays of an honest mistake comments by has been cricketers

  6. Legend batsman and cheater ponting respect from india 😄😄

  7. And if anyone has noticed that they took too much time to show on the screen. I don't recommend this system during this tournament. In third test while chasing ,Nathan Lyon clearly LBW out the batsman during last overs and it was clearly seen but Umpire never show the sign toward the third Umpire and seemed like he was not interested. Sometimes it looks biased and intentionally.

  8. Everytime something like this happens, BCCI chuckles !

  9. Use Hotspot it's better than stupid ultra edge

  10. Being an IT Expert Engineer Scientist Softwares Developer I can tell you all these technologies used in cricket can be easily manipulated and faked to favour any team when it comes to DRS Third umpire decisions

  11. Drs in fifth test almost giving favour decisions to England side as we can see whenever any decision going upstairs it’s taking too much time to display on screen as they were editing the original one🖕🏻 on warner decisions it’s take more then two minutes to display on screen in first we saw nothing near to bat but when play again it’s shows ball was touch😂😂

  12. Not sure there’s any controversy. What else would he possibly have hit with the bat? Wade was plum.

  13. The DRS system needs to record with higher frames per second. Maybe get some tips from The Slow Mo Guys.

  14. These things happen… every team has wrong decisions made against them… from these comments you’d think the ICC hates everyone but England. Grow up.

  15. The greatest caption in cricket history"Ricky"…..

  16. He wants Mark Benson and Buckner umpiring with himself being the DRS

  17. Sometime things are out of ordinary as this decision, we got to accept that and move on. Its is that attributes which are un conclusive to arrive at a specific decision of OUT or NOT OUT. Nonetheless have to move on and play for the 2nd Innings to come

  18. He would be out of his next ball lol

  19. At least he shouldn't comment about right or wrong I found him the biggest cheater of cricket history

  20. Hotspot is better in any case.

  21. Either way, Warner was unlucky

  22. madarchod ye England walo ki taraf hi hamesha decision hota h inki gand m stump daalne layak h

  23. Same old pointing this time on receiving end … he's pretty much famous for Claiming the drop catches

  24. Who cares mate Warner would have let it slip through to stumps next ball anyway

  25. Archer is going to destroy the Aussies on the fast bouncy pitches in Australia

  26. The spike is at the extreme right. What does it mean? No problem in sync with the frames from different angles. It's just that the exact frame when the ball is touching the bat is not captured.

  27. Where did hotspot go? Why is there only the sniko tech?

  28. Warner was out 100%.
    The spike is at the end whent there is no contact of the bat and ball.
    CHeck it out when the spike is at the middle.
    And wade wasn’t out when the ball was deflected by the bat . He got out in the other delivery .

  29. Jesus what's the matter Punter? Seems like he's raging!

  30. Very simple rule whether a system has more advantages or disadvantages. If more benefits than disadvantages should be continued if other wise stop it.

  31. Cheater Aussies , check Aussies history

  32. Bad series for warner
    Better luck next time

  33. Aussies always complaining when things don’t go their way. Bad losers.

  34. Mr pointing is a good player but not honest thru out his career so as a true Australian cricketer he can do anything to win……
    CHEATING & SLEDGING is part of gentleman's game…
    Indian's can't comment…..

  35. Every one's a cheater untill the Real Cheater comes.
    2007-08 India vs Australia series

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