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Ponting reflects on Australia's 2001 Ashes triumph

From Mark Waugh and Andrew Symonds comparing their CD collection at the airport to his good mate Justin Langer’s fall and rise again, Ricky Ponting looks back at Australia’s most recent successful Test campaign in England


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  1. True champions of the game only win was the team motto individual performance and selfish play left in the dust bin I guess Australia that time was just an amazing cricket team

  2. Probably one of the finest cricket teams.. This world has ever seen..

  3. Fav batsman -Sachin Tendulkar
    Fav cricketer bating, fielding, captaincy, imp innings overall -Ricky Ponting
    You don't know ricky huge no. indians love you, don't deviate with media and other opinion you r a true champion u have a huge space among indians

  4. I thought this was the best Australian team. Utterly brilliant. Disappointing they lost in India earlier that year as it took some sheen off.
    Yet what a team.
    I thought the 2005 team was not a great team despite it being a great series.

  5. One of the darkest and boring period in cricket history…… I dislike aussie cricket 🤭🤭🤪🤪

  6. Mark Waugh played really well in that series unfortunately that was his last Ashes.

  7. About as interesting and exciting as watching paint dry

  8. God, the guys look sharp in those suits!

  9. Justin Langer is my favourite test opener❤❤ I miss you Langer 😢😢

  10. I remember Ricky scored a big hundred in each of the 4 Ashes series he played in England (1997,2001,2005,2009)
    Not to mention a heap of ODI centuries as well.

  11. Thumbnail looks like a photoshopped one😂😂

  12. Golden Era for Australia 👍

  13. Where is so called KING 😊
    Real KING is back❗
    🌠💪 Star Smith Roar 🌠💪

  14. Best captain ponting for 👍
    MS dhoni for comment 💬💪💪💪

  15. Who is best
    Ricky ponting – like
    Michael Vaughan – comment

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