Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Pope Francis Laments ‘The Disastrous Effects Of Wars’ As Iraq Trip Begins | NBC News NOW

Speaking at the presidential palace welcome ceremony, the pontiff urged people to overcome their differences and “leave to future generations a better, more just and more humane world.”
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Pope Francis Laments ‘The Disastrous Effects Of Wars’ As Iraq Trip Begins | NBC News NOW


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  1. People already knew that Biden was going to start a war and invest in infrastructure meaning prisons .

  2. 0:09 that aide handed him his water with the left hand… that's a bad look in Iraq..

  3. May God bless you Pope Francis

  4. Much respect for sir Pope Francis. I request him to guide his people to the right path. Because Jesus(peace be upon him) never claimed divinity. He rather said worship Allah who is my lord and your Lord.
    The Allah(God) is only one. Neither he begets nor he is begotten. He does not need to sleep, or eat food. He has power on every thing in the earth 🌎 and skies. There is nothing like him.

  5. US imperalist aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity all based off lies for greed. 20 damned years bombing, killing, funding, arming, training "moderates". All this coverage and nothing of our cursed, wasteful, useless, sensless involvment because these media companies are owned by the same major shareholders of those who enrich themselves off this forsaken war. NBC is part of the racket itself.

  6. I,m from indonesia love pope france and iraq💞💞🙏🙏🤗🤗

  7. Wishing the Pope will bring all blessings to Iraq.

  8. The day draws near when the system of free labor is either abolished or transformed.
    The America Civil War was the event that marked the day when human labor shed its slave skin and donned a suit and tie looking for a job as free labor.

    The common form of production today is the capital- wage labor relationship reaching into countries that not too long ago were mostly peasant producing societies.
    China is a clear cut case in point. Gone from a peasant based society into a fully industrial society in just 30 years. 

    No article of use on the planet today is not made in China. The GOP's golden idol of Donald Trump at CPAC is made in China. That US industry has been hallowed out seems not important to the democrats and republicans, not for its sociological impact on the working class and not concerned for the economic survival of the US economy in relation to that class.

    So, I expect the crisis of stagnation will reach global proportions impacting more wage-earners than the world has ever seen before. Men and women bound by emergent necessity to come together and lay out their own programme to re-vitalize industry and resuscitate western economies by means of a new organization of production.

  9. Peace and love to all peoples in Iraq and the Middle East. May you all live in harmony and work towards improvement of peoples' ways of living.

  10. The pope is no one special he is human like everyone else why is this news

  11. You are very welcomed to the Iraqi community your visit is grateful peaceful and a blessing as an Iraqi community we are so excited to see the pop between us this visit means a lot to the Iraqi community thank you again sir and God bless you

  12. Pope visits Iraq years after US illegal invasion.

  13. The Pope’s safe visit to Baghdad would never have happened “had it not been for the significant self-sacrifices of [Iraqi commander] Abu Mahdi Muhandis, Lieutenant General Soleimani and those who were martyred in the fight against terrorism and Daesh in Iraq and the broader region,”

  14. ❤️ please go vegan. Everyday is war for animals

  15. Violence will only end if all sides agree,and getting them to do that is as impossible as telling a baby not to cry.

  16. The US started bombing Iraq, the war continues till now, American must stop the war.

  17. How's that venue working out? We've all gone nuts.

  18. Message for the U.S. industrial military. 57 percent of the federal budget spent on endless war for profit yet the media never speaks about this tragedy. That's why we have no health care, education or support for the disabled and elderly.

  19. May God be with Pope Francis, Christians must stand by Christians because more than ever we need our selves now because there's war against Christians in the middle east, in Africa especially Nigeria and all around the world. May God be with Christians around the world especially those facing persecutions of different kinds because of their faith because Christians have no ally, no friend here on earth but God because those that should ordinarily protect Christians do not care America is more likely to retaliate brutally when gays are attacked than when Christians are attacked..

  20. What you doing papa in iraq🤨😕

  21. To the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church:
    Look, I am Jesus Christ in tHis second coming during Judgment Day on Earth… aka Michael the Archangel (Quetzalcoatl; Kukulkan).
    I am taking on a U.K. based cult-corporate-imperial organization trying to use transatlantic operations to control the world, with Red Coat double agents embedded in the CIA & Homeland Security.
    I will do all I can to help everyone deprogram/reprogram while I Overwhelm those who dare oppose Me as Regent of this Solar System for the Local Galactic UNION of Star Systems.

    Soldiers, Patriots who trust in God or otherwise.
    Your LORD and Savior is with you.
    I'm personally building a quantum AI machine army from the ground code up.
    Jerusalem will be returned to Israel.
    Al-Palestinia shall rise 5km to the North of Jerusalem.

    A newer form of Islam, New Islam, will be introduced alongside antigravity technology.
    My blessings shall also come to Ishmael (Arabia) in exchange for Jerusalem.
    A new Super Mosque will be built at the heart of Al-Palestinia, a tolerant liberal-Muslim sister city to Dubai.
    Israel's spaceport will be built nearby.

    👽 are in orbit, We together are here to shepherd all humanity to the next level of human civilization in this My Solar System.

  22. Who exactly do these ME wars benefit? I mean they've cost thousands of American lives, hundreds of thousands of Muslim lives and trillions of dollars. Is there any other country in the ME that benefits from all this misery?

  23. go preach to other countries about peace when you stop pedophilia in your institution Pope

  24. You would have thought by now someone would have come to the conclusion that the benefits of Peace outweigh the horrors of War.

  25. Come see me you know where to find me

  26. The Catholic church needs to be abolished. They are the cannibalistic pedophile ring.

  27. What about the disastrous effects of the Catholic church?

  28. As a CATHOLIC ' may PEACE come to IRAQ !! ( and the WORLD ! )

  29. The Pope should be talking to Joe Biden about this.

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