Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Pope Francis Preaches Religious Tolerance In Iraq | NBC Nightly News

During the first papal visit to Iraq, Pope Francis called for peace between religions in a country where Christians are often persecuted by groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS.
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Pope Francis Preaches Religious Tolerance In Iraq | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Let's see he visit China

  2. The only message the so called Vicar of christ should be giving false religions is to Repent of their sins and serve the one true living god through his son Jesus christ. But this meeting makes sense since these two have a lot in common..

  3. "A person is either your brother in faith, or your equal in humanity." – lmam Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him)

  4. Mystery Babylon Pope Evil

  5. If you wear a Cross or Dead Dajjal man on a Cross or Pentagram or Eye or Triangle then…

    You are an Anti Christ worshipping Polytheistic Pagan.

    On Behalf of ALL OF ISLAM WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE ANTI CHRIST DAJJAL SHIRKERS until They STOP worshipping Anti Christ. STOP WEARING SYMBOLS such as Crosses with Dead man, Pentagrams, Eye, or Triangle, or a Triangle with an Eye, or a Cross with a Triangle on the Center, AND GRAVEN IMAGES THAT ARE FORBIDDEN IN DEUTERONOMY Ch. 5 AND EXODUS Ch. 20.


    Wake Up!

  6. Oh the irony! This church cannot even tolerate that President Biden's kind of Catholicism is different from some other kind. Give this a break Mr. Pope, OK? Or maybe come to the US and instruct the Catholic church here to lay off demonizing the President.

  7. He is simply a wonderful wonderful holy man in human being! God bless him!

  8. Blame God again cuomo.
    Not even God could sink this ship…."TITANIC" FAMOUS LAST WORDS…

  9. If a people dressed up like clown they are laughed at, Claim "religion" and they demand to be taken serious?!

  10. FREEDOM FROM "RELIGION" Crazy belong in a nuthouse.

  11. Tolerance in Muslim countries lol

  12. He needs to preach the truth, folks don't have to confess their sins to any man in this world, only to Jesus, not a man in a confession booth. Jesus is the only Way, Truth and Life.

  13. Ang hindi pag skip ng ads lang matulong namin Kami po ay small YT na mahirap lang, nangungupahan lang kami. Asawa ko maliit lang sahod. Gusto namin makapag bigay inspirasyon sa katulad nmin mahihirap. Na kahit mahirap lang ang buhay dapat masaya at patuloy lng sa pangarap walang imposible sa Dios. Dahil po sa inyo naging inspirasyon namin kayo mga blogger. God bless sa atin lahat wag susuko laban lang tayo sa hamon ng buhay 💞

  14. Stop persecuting homosexual people, & tret all human's with kindness.
    Don't do to other's what you would not want done to you.
    Human rights should be forced onto every country.

  15. ברוכים הבאים לעיראק 😷

  16. He is a lying devil.
    Please don’t be deceived!

    Mark 2:17, Romans 10:9-13,
    1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV ❤️

  17. We are all here very happy to see Pope Francis visit to Iraq May God bless Pope Francis and Iraqi ❤️🙏

  18. I guess people have forgotten about ALL the indigenous people that were killed in the "Inter Caetera" of 1493 issued by Pope Alexander VI when he established Christian DOMINION over the New World. His son, Cesare Borgia, is one of the images of Jesus along with Serapis Bey and Sananda Kumara. The earth was given into the hands of the WICKED. They are the ones who placed the name Jesus in the Bible after the 15OO'S. Religion comes from Satan and he has many names. It is how he deceives the whole world. The Churches, Temples and Synagogues are his houses Revelation 12:9, Job 1:6-7;1:1-2:9:24, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, 1 Peter 5:8. Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Jesus, RA, etc. are sun and moon gods. You bow down to painted images, idols/statues made by your own hands of wood and stone, some are laid over with silver and gold like the cross around your neck when the Mashiach was HANG in a TREE Psalm 115:1-8;135:15-18, Habakkuk 2:18-19, Baruch Chapter 6, Acts 5:3O;1O:39 . 86% of the world observes some form of religion but Scripture says in Matthew 7:13-15, MANY will take the path to destruction and FEW will find the path that leads to life. Christianity, with over 41,OOO Denominations, LEADS ALL religions with almost 2.4 billion people and the other religions including Judaism. What is 86% of 7.7 Billion? You can't miss that giant Altar which sits on the foundation of a Scarlet colored Carpet. Revelation 17:1-5.

  19. Pope is a evil, wicked creep…

  20. Pope Francis is the spawn of satan.

  21. Ethiopia is the cradle of civilization…the narrator lied or just misinformed.

  22. My ex-boyfriend told me " an empty head gets empty 🍞."

  23. 1:22 where is that place? what is the name of the city?

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